Friday, February 25, 2011

Did I leave the gym without wearing pants???

Where oh where did my gym pants go?  
Oh where oh where could they be? 

I've been missing a pair of gym pants for over a week.  I've looked in the clothes hamper, behind the recliner in our room, behind the pillows on the couch, under the bed, in Chris's closet, in my closet, at the bottom of Bella's diaper bag, in the bathroom, and even in the car - although I have no idea why they'd be there.  I can't find them.  Got me wondering...

did I wear them to the gym, take them off, 
and leave without wearing any pants? 

Let's face it, I have some pretty crazy moments... now I'm actually questioning my sanity... did I leave the gym w/o my pants?  ;) 

On the flip side, I found two pairs of shoes that I bought Bella 
when she was first born.  Now, they fit!   

Lose a pair of pants - gain two pairs of shoes!