Friday, July 23, 2010

Where Do I Begin?

So much has been going on lately.  I have no idea where to even start this blog post.  I've been a crappy blogger lately.  Not only have I not posted in a long time - but I've been horrible about reading other blogs.  Sorry.  For those of you still following me... bless your hearts for sticking around.  :) 

The Great Fall

I had a stupid moment on June 24th.  So stupid.  The guys were re-roofing our house.  They looked so hot and thirsty.  So... being the nice lady that I am... I got ice cold water bottles out.  The quickest way for me to get them up on the roof was for me to stand on a wooden chair on our deck and hand them to my brother Levi. 
Great idea, right? 
The chair came out from under me.  I hit my lower abdomen twice because the first time wasn't good enough.  I landed pretty hard on my stomach.  The neighbor seriously ran at olympic speed to get to me while the guys rushed to get off the roof.  I laid there for a couple minutes... to catch my breath, get it all together, and put on a good face for Chris because I knew he was going to be really worried. 

When I got inside it was 4:58... doctor's office was closed.  At Dr. Haller's request, I went to the hospital and was admitted and sent to the OB floor to be monitored for awhile.  Peanut was doing great - strong, regular heartbeat.  The doctor had no concerns about her.  I was having sizable contractions every 3 minutes.  After a few hours of that, they put me on Procardia.  It helped - the contractions slowed down to every 4-6 minutes.  :)  Luckily, I got sent home.  The next day, word got back to the doctor's office that I was still having contractions so Niki called for me to come in for another non-stress test.  Still contractions.  Now, bed rest.  Ugh. 

It's been almost a month of "bed rest."  Last week I was given permission to do a little more than just lay on the couch.  I'll admit, I've probably been doing far more than I should - but it's hard to just lay around all the time.  Dr. Haller has me on bed rest til Monday.  Then, medicine for another week.  Then, finally... nothing... let nature do its thing. 

Calvin's T-Ball

Calvin has just 2 more t-ball games this season.  Seems like he just started.  He's pretty good - but then again, I'm pretty biased.  I'm just so proud of the effort he puts forth out on the field.  :) 

Tommy's Golf Outing

August 14th is the 2010 Tommy Ordner Golf Outing at Cardinal Golf Course.  Spots are filling up fast, so if you want to be a part of the coolest golf outing of the season, get your team together and call Cardinal Golf Course immediately!  :)

 Getting Ready For Peanut

Peanut will be here soon.  Last week I had some really bad contractions one night.  So bad that I thought it was possible my water might break!  But all I could think about was that her pillow with her name embroidered on it wasn't finished.  Silly, right?!?  That's me.  Since I couldn't sleep, I stayed up late hand stitching a sweet little pillow for her. 

We have her name picked out.  But, we're keeping it a secret.  I hand painted the letters of her name to hang on her bedroom wall.  They are very cute and can't wait to show them off when I can finally put them up after her arrival.  Also, I ordered newborn shoes with her name embroidered on them.  Very cute - absolutely love them. 

A couple weeks ago, a beautiful cradle arrived from Mom and Grandma Bobbi.  It's gorgeous.  Thank-you so much for this awesome gift! 

Everything is ready for her.  Our bags are packed - including a gift bag for Calvin.  Just waiting on one more thing to arrive to put in his bag - but if it's not here in time, it will be ok.  Chris and I wanted to have a special present just for Calvin when the baby is born. 

I think she'll be here sooner than later.  I'm already starting to progress - I'll spare you those details.  But, even with the medicine, I'm still having contractions - especially in the evenings.  So, we're ready - for whenever she wants to come.  :) 

Kindergarten, Here We Come

In about a month, Calvin will be heading off to Kindergarten... no matter how ready or not I am.  I still can't believe my baby boy is old enough for Kindergarten.  Crazy.  Just crazy.  I already took him school supply shopping and ordered new school shoes.  But where or where can I get a cool cammo backpack?!?  Help, please! 

The New Ride

Last night on our way to go test drive a car, I sold my car to  Amber.  Couldn't have been more perfect timing!  She needed a dependable car - and we needed to sell it.  And just in time because that car we were on our way to test drive... well, we bought it!  :)  We are the proud new owners of a Chrysler Aspen.  I absolutely love it!  :)  It will definitely be able to pull the boat... and yes... it even has a Hemi!  :)  Perfect new ride for our growing family!

As we waited to drive the car, a couple CCX trucks drove by.  I knew right then... that was my Dad, checking up on us.  After we drove it, another CCX truck went by.  Then, as we were getting on the interstate, a whole sleuth of CCX trucks passed us.  Dad, I got your point.  You liked the car.  You approve.  :)  Thanks for still looking out for me.  I miss you every single day.  But, knowing you were right there with us as we bought the Aspen makes me feel very secure of our decision.