Sunday, May 2, 2010


Lots happening at the O house.  Just haven't had the motivation to blog about it.  Spring semester is almost over!  YAY!  I will be graduated in less than 2 weeks!!!  :)  Getting excited!  2 big projects due this week but I'm not the least bit motivated to get them done.  In normal Christina fashion, I'll likely procrastinate until the last minute.  But, I have no doubts that the sites will be fabulous in the end.  Bring on the A's!  :) 

Tiffany's Prom

My sister. 
Stunningly beautiful. 
Junior Prom, 2010. 

Yard Work

With help from family and his #1 helper, Calvin, Chris has been moving dirt into our backyard.  I have been assured that soon... very soon... we will have a lush green lawn.  :)  For now, Calvin's enjoying all the dirt! 

Peanut's Room

First, the bedding. 
I love it!  Found it online at JCP. 
The embroidered butterflies remind me a lot of my late cousin, Heather. 
So, it's extra special. 
Also, the bed...
You could say it was love at first sight. 
Babi Italia from Babies R Us. 
Thanks again to Mama O for letting us raid her attic
to trade in old items to get 25% off items like this bed!  

What wrong with painting in your underwear???  

Proudly painting his little girl's room. 

My two favorite guys got to work Saturday. 
After putting 7 different paint samples on the wall, we decided on Fairway Mist (green). 
I'm excited to get the room finished. 
More projects including wainscoating (sp?) soon. 
Special thanks to Chris for all of his hard work!!! 

The diaper bag!  :) 
After looking high and low and comparing diaper bags of friends,
I decided on this Bella Tunno. 
She arrived in the mail on Friday. 
Fun. Stylish. Me
Love it!  :-) 

Don't want to leave Mimi out of this post! 
Mom, thanks for all of the gifts you've given Peanut! 
She's sure to know exactly how much you love her! 

Well, I am officially 24 weeks prego! 
I've gained a whopping 10lbs. 

I'd been putting off wearing maternity clothes.  Let's face it, they're not exactly figure friendly.  But I guess I needed to face the facts:  My figure isn't the same it was pre-prego!  I'd been using the good ole fashion rubber band trick on my jeans.  Works pretty good in the a.m. but by late afternoon my pants would get a little snug.  This afternoon I finally busted out a pair of maternity capris.  Wow.  Relief.  Comfort.  Felt so good that I was inspired to find more comfy maternity capris and shorts.  And since Effy's selection of affordable maternity clothes is limited, to say the least, I turned to the world wide web from the comfort of my couch.

Ever bought maternity clothes???  They're not cheap!  Okay, maybe it's just me... I'm weird about spending money on certain things like maternity clothes.  After looking at several sites, I ended up at  I'm quickly on my way to being the size of a beached whale - so why do I care what brand the tag says?  Anyway, their maternity shorts and capris are really inexpensive in comparison to other stores.  They'll be here mid-week.  I'll post to let you know if they're worth a darn or if I should have splurged at Motherhood Maternity. 

I think I'm over my friend egg cravings.  For several weeks, Chris made me 2-6 fried eggs each day.  Yes, I know... you are wondering how I got so lucky to end up with a husband that is willing to do so much for me.  All I gotta say is... it's luck.  Really.  I probably don't deserve him.  He's a phenomenal husband and father.  I'm just really lucky he picked me.  :) 

No new really strong cravings.  Loving popsicles (especially Jelly Belly Lemon) and Tropical Sno.  Yummy! 


Lindsay said...

wow Christina sounds like you guys have been you said comfort is the key so y not be comfortable while it!

Amber M said...

It was so nice to meet you and Chris. You are both so nice and sweet. And you look great! I like the green color in the baby room that you told me about. It looks good and Calvin is adorable painting in his underwear.

Steph said...

Haha! I love the pictures of Calvin painting in his underwear. I was half expected the one under it of Chris painting for him to be in his underwear too.