Sunday, May 16, 2010

Kindergarten Walk-Thru

Friday afternoon Calvin and I got to walk through the Kindergarten classrooms.  I know most of the teachers which made it all the easier.  Calvin liked Mrs. J the most after he found out she's related to Uncle Jerry.  Then there was Mrs. H.  He loved her because she's Tricia's aunt.  The whole walk through was fun and exciting.  The smart boards are really cool!  Calvin is looking forward to using them next year! 

My question:  Why are these kids so big and why do they know how to read??? 

I'm seriously wondering if they had 2nd and 3rd graders fill in for the Kindergarteners during the walk-thru.  I can't imagine my sweet baby Calvin growing up so much in the next year.  Wow.  Where have the last 4 1/2 years gone?  Can I pause life right here? 


Dawn said...

Smart boards are awesome. Daelyn has one in her classroom. And she learned/is learning to read in Kindergarten. She's really picked it up the last few months.

mylifeastina said...

Hunter loved the Kindergarten walk through. And I cant believe he will be reading next year. I feel your pain on this one! Calvin and Hunter will be in the same school! YAY~!