Thursday, April 8, 2010

Unorthodoxed Treatment

If you know me personally - or if you read my blog much, you probably realize that I'm pretty opinionated - especially, if I'm particularly passionate about something.  So, here goes! 

I will admit that at first I was very skeptical of Dr. Ames' unorthodoxed medical treatment methods.  I'm a logical type of girl and need to see and understand something to believe in it - usually.  This is the exception.  I don't understand how her treatments work, but they just do - or atleast they have for me and several other people I know. 

I started going to see Dr. Ames a couple years ago for my intense seasonal allergies.  I've been known to have to call in sick to work in the past because of allergies - they were that bad.  She did a series of non-invasive treatments on me and - Voilla - allergies were gone.  So far, I'm cured of my pollen and tree allergies.  I'm still allergic to grass, which we're working on now.  Each Spring I go to her for 3-6 treatments over a short period of time and then I don't have allergies.  It works for me.  No more medicine! 

Tuesday as I was driving Calvin to his appointment with Dr. Ames.  My right eye was practically swollen shut from my allergies.  Vision in my left eye was iffy.  Guess I probably shouldn't have been driving - but I knew if I got to her office, she'd get me in and I'd feel better.  I was thrilled to walk out of her office with NO eye irritations and absolutely no swelling! 

Calvin is another success story.  I took him for an issue - but turns out that can't be treated... however, while she was trying... she got his right and left brain to communicate and got his comprehension and focus on the right track.  I had no idea she could do this stuff.  I was skeptical to say the least.  But, after only TWO visits, he started SPELLING on his own!  I'll be honest, I'm kind of a lazy Mom that doesn't work on his academics much - he goes to pre-k.  So the fact that he picked up on spelling from a video game and retained the information is wondrous to me! 

The kind of treatment she did for Calvin is the same treatment she does for children with ADD, ADHD, and other similar disorders.  Although these appointments aren't free - I think she's a better alternative to medicine for children and worth every penny. 

Dr. Ames and Dr. Andrea can treat lots of different issues.  And if they can't, well - from what I've seen, they'll sure try!  Some issues I know they help with:  allergies, to quit smoking, to get pregnant, depression, chronic colds, stomach/digestive problems, and learning hold-backs. 

I don't expect you to be a believer just from reading my post.  All I gotta say is, Don't Knock It Till You Try It!  If you're looking for an alternative treatment or if you think you're out of options, consider giving them a try:  (217) 347-5455.   


Chris said...

Do we get a few free treatments for this blog post?

Christina said...

haha. I wish!

Lindsay said...

i heard she was good and considering going also. I agree with Chris, you should get a couple treatments for the advertising.

Amber M said...

hmmm...thanks for the info. I might have to look her up soon...I might send you a message on fb for even more info.

Carolyn said...

I'm curious- is she a naturopath, a homeopath? a chiropractor? What IS the treatment.

We see a Naturopath for our medical care. They're taken care of ear infections, a pinched nerve in my back, and other than that, we have never been sick. I swear by them.

Christina said...

She refers to her clinic as chiropractic. Unlike many locals, she doesn't do voodoo! ;-) She uses Neurolink techniques. For me, she'll put a vial of grass on my chest and have me put my right arm up. If she can push my arm down, I'm allergic. If my arm stands strong, I'm not. It sounds weird - I know... but it works!

Kocher Family said...

I have also taken my children to her. My daughter was having trouble going #2 in her pants instead of the potty! She fixed that with the help of some natural stuff in only 10 days. She also took care of my allergies just as yours Christina!!! I believe!! They are good at what they do!