Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Merv The Perv

So, I'm always calling Chris Merv The Perv... and for good reason... ;-)  Anyway, a couple weeks ago, Calvin started saying it, too.  I know... at this point I should have stopped and taught him that wasn't something appropriate to say, but I didn't - so sue me. 

This morning Chris and I were laying in bed when Calvin came in to tell us Good Morning.  I called Chris Merv the Perv again - and Calvin said HE was Merv the Perv!!!  I told him there's no way he was - just Chris.  Well, this led to a flood of questions like, "What makes him Merv the Perv?"  I told Calvin that Chris is Merv the Perv because he's always trying to hug and kiss me.  Calvin only reiterated the point that this also made him Merv the Perv because he gives me lots of hugs and kisses. 

It was funny.  We were all laughing. 

Then, he insisted that he and Chris were not Merv the Perv... that I was because I'm always hugging and kissing Chris.  Even after I explained that only boys can be Mer the Perv, he refused to let it go.  We laughed as he marched in circles singing, "Mom's Merv the Perv all through the town!" 


Steph said...

Haha... hopefully he doesn't go telling people that outside the family. :)

Lindsay said...

o..from the mouths of little kids. they say the cutest darn things.