Saturday, March 6, 2010

Gone Crafty!

Time to finally share 2 crafty projects.  :-) 

The first is a shelf with coat hooks for our laundry/utility room. 

We ordered the shelf from The Old Country Cupboard
They're super friendly and easy to work with. 
Plus, their prices are awesome! 
You get handmade products for a reasonable price! 

With a few small modifications of a peg shelf,
I got exactly what I wanted: 
a shelf with no coat hooks or pegs. 

Last year, Chris ordered me a quilt rack form the same place. 

Then, I picked out glass door knobs on ebay
in purple and green. 
Since they're not real vintage - only vintage replica,
they were very reasonably priced! 

Once everything came in, my Handy Dandy Husband
attached the door knobs to the shelf
and mounted it to the wall. 
Voilla!  We love it! 

I got a freebie bench from Mom. 
Slapped some green paint on it
and it looks pretty good under the shelf. 


This is a project I started over 6 months ago.  I finally got around to finishing it today.  :-) 

The shelf with hooks (perfect for my aprons) was a freebie from Mom.  It's amazing all of the cool stuff I find laying around at Mom's!  Thanks, Mom! 

I spray painted the metal parts silver and painted the wooden shelf a fun pink!  Mom wasn't so hip on the idea, but I guarantee she's going to love the finished product! 

I purchased 12" letters E-A-T and then followed an online tutorial to mod podge craft paper to the letters.  They're not perfect, so don't look too close!  But, they're cute and they're fun.  And I made them myself so I'm pretty proud of them. 

I found the old milk jug at an antique store while out with Dawn one day.  It completes the look! 


Karla said...

All of it looks great!

Billi Lou said...

I LOVE the "EAT" letters!

Bobbi said...

You do really good work. Love it. Hope to see it in May when I come to visit. Love you

Brooke G. said...

I love those projects - SUPER DUPER CUTE!!!!

Dawn said...

The letters turned out AWESOME! LOVE THEM. And, of course, love coat hook.