Thursday, March 25, 2010

The wait is over... Peanut is a...

Yesterday we found out
that Peanut is a little GIRL!!! 
Calvin's getting a little sister! 

The sonogram went very well.  I already think she's perfect and beautiful.  She got my gift of gab... she appeared to be talking to us during the sonogram.  It was so cute!  Once, when Calvin was talking she gave him a thumbs-up!  She's quite the entertainer - we watched her do summersaults and leg kicks.  Like I said... perfect. 

Chris smiled ear to ear through the sonogram.  He's a proud Daddy that's already worrying about all the stuff Dad's worry about with a little girl. 

We were able to share the news with family last night.  I think my Mom is pretty excited!!!  This will be her first granddaughter.  This will also be my Grandma Betty & Grandpa Larry's first great-granddaughter.  Family suprprised us with gifts for the new baby.  Aunt Wendy even brought gifts for a boy or a girl... the outfits are sooo cute!

We're all very happy and excited about our new addition.  Life sure will change around here with a little girl! 

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Merv The Perv

So, I'm always calling Chris Merv The Perv... and for good reason... ;-)  Anyway, a couple weeks ago, Calvin started saying it, too.  I know... at this point I should have stopped and taught him that wasn't something appropriate to say, but I didn't - so sue me. 

This morning Chris and I were laying in bed when Calvin came in to tell us Good Morning.  I called Chris Merv the Perv again - and Calvin said HE was Merv the Perv!!!  I told him there's no way he was - just Chris.  Well, this led to a flood of questions like, "What makes him Merv the Perv?"  I told Calvin that Chris is Merv the Perv because he's always trying to hug and kiss me.  Calvin only reiterated the point that this also made him Merv the Perv because he gives me lots of hugs and kisses. 

It was funny.  We were all laughing. 

Then, he insisted that he and Chris were not Merv the Perv... that I was because I'm always hugging and kissing Chris.  Even after I explained that only boys can be Mer the Perv, he refused to let it go.  We laughed as he marched in circles singing, "Mom's Merv the Perv all through the town!" 

Saturday, March 13, 2010


For my Blogger friends, pix of my baby bump

Today we are 17 weeks! 
Peanut is really growing. 
And moving! 
I started feeling movement last week. 
It's an amazing miracle. 
I picture the baby doing acrobats in my belly
every night around bed time.  :-)
I can't wait for the movements to get a little more ponounced
so Chris and Calvin can feel, too. 

My belly is growing, that's for sure! 
Trust me, the shirt conceals it a bit. 
The rough first trimester has left me negative 1lb pre-prego weight. 
I have no doubt I'll gain my fair share...
especially since Homewood Grill's open, now! 

It seems like the weeks are flying by! 
Before I know it, I'll be holding baby Peanut in my arms. 

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Gone Crafty!

Time to finally share 2 crafty projects.  :-) 

The first is a shelf with coat hooks for our laundry/utility room. 

We ordered the shelf from The Old Country Cupboard
They're super friendly and easy to work with. 
Plus, their prices are awesome! 
You get handmade products for a reasonable price! 

With a few small modifications of a peg shelf,
I got exactly what I wanted: 
a shelf with no coat hooks or pegs. 

Last year, Chris ordered me a quilt rack form the same place. 

Then, I picked out glass door knobs on ebay
in purple and green. 
Since they're not real vintage - only vintage replica,
they were very reasonably priced! 

Once everything came in, my Handy Dandy Husband
attached the door knobs to the shelf
and mounted it to the wall. 
Voilla!  We love it! 

I got a freebie bench from Mom. 
Slapped some green paint on it
and it looks pretty good under the shelf. 


This is a project I started over 6 months ago.  I finally got around to finishing it today.  :-) 

The shelf with hooks (perfect for my aprons) was a freebie from Mom.  It's amazing all of the cool stuff I find laying around at Mom's!  Thanks, Mom! 

I spray painted the metal parts silver and painted the wooden shelf a fun pink!  Mom wasn't so hip on the idea, but I guarantee she's going to love the finished product! 

I purchased 12" letters E-A-T and then followed an online tutorial to mod podge craft paper to the letters.  They're not perfect, so don't look too close!  But, they're cute and they're fun.  And I made them myself so I'm pretty proud of them. 

I found the old milk jug at an antique store while out with Dawn one day.  It completes the look! 

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

It's like I have nothing to blog about... but I do

I've not been very bloggy lately.  Been in a little bit of a funk.  Between being a sick & pregnant and missing my brother in law, I just haven't been able to muster up anything to blog about.  Here are a few things: 

  • We are 15 weeks pregnant!  I think I'm starting to feel a little better.  I had what felt like a really bad hangover for over 13 weeks!  Ugh. 
  • Me pregnant = me fainting.  I've only fainted once.  Thank goodness!  But, I get dizzy at the drop of a dime. 
  • Chris is like Super Husband right now!  He's been taking really good care of me.  :-)
  • I pre-registered Calvin for Kindergarten.  Still undecided if he'll go 1/2 or full day next year.  He'll be a two year Kindergartener. 
  • This is my last full week in AOP and PD!!!  I'm so excited!  There's a crap ton of stuff due this week, but I'll get through it!  Looking forward to being done! 
  • I had a mock interview for PD class last week.  The interview went sooo well that she offered me the Summer Internship!  I had to pass it up because of the baby's arrival in August.  But still... I am hugely flattered!  :-) 
  • Our washing machine crapped out on us Saturday.  Now we have one of those fancy front loaders.  It holds a ton more than our old washer!  I think I could fit all of our bedding (minus comforter) in one load! 
  • Peanut loves McDonald's!!!  OMGosh the baby loves McD's!  On the way to school I get 2 hashbrowns and a sweet tea.  For the drive home I get a fish fillet (minus the tarter)!  Mmmmm!  Delicious! 
  • I could go on and on about how much we're missing Tommy.  Really.  Sunday was one month.  The month flew by but it's like the hours went by so slowly.  It was the longest and shortest month ever.  My inlaws are in Mexico on vacation (planned before the incident).  I'm happy they were able to get away.  They needed it.  Maybe after graduation we can get away for a few days.  It's tough watching Chris miss his brother so much.  We've had so many, "Just call Tommy to help..."  moments.  You don't realize how much you rely on someone else until they're gone. 
  • I saw my Dad.  I was driving back from Effingham (McDonald's) Friday morning after I dropped Calvin off for school.  I was at the stoplight before Goeckner Bros and there was my Dad, driving a semi.  I bawled all the way home.  Maybe because I was sad, but maybe because I was so happy to see him... with his grumpy face.  :-)  That night I saw him again.  Same intersection, he was turning to go home (or back towards the direction he came from that morning).  I'm looking forward to seeing him again soon.