Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Boy oh boy am I glad it's Wednesday!  Spring semester started Monday - I can tell already it's going to be a demanding one - atleast Mod I.  I'm taking 2 required business Mod I classes (16 weeks of material crammed into 8 weeks) and a Web Graphics Design course.  I think I'll enjoy the graphics class.  We're going to learn some pretty cool stuff - and even blog about it at Wordpress!  But the business classes... they're so much work, and in my opinion a lot of repetitive work we've learned in previous classes.  For the most part, I'm a quick learner.  Learn it, practice it, use it, move on.  So doing the same things over and over will take a lot of patience and soft skills I'm not used to using. 

I have to arrange for my 30 intern hours soon.  Shouldn't take me too long to get those done.  Then, Mod II when I'll wrap up my intern hours, finish the Web Graphics Design course, and a final Graphics Capstone course where I'll put all of my skills to work... and then... GRADUATE!!!  :-) 

Hoping this semester flies by lickity split!  Can't wait to be finished!!!!  To all my school buddies, I hope you're having a good start to your 2010 Spring semester.  Looking forward to graduating with many of you in May! 


Steph said...

Ughhhh.... school. Hope everything goes better than you expect and you do awesome this semester!!!

I'll be there forever.

Dawn said...

Where are you doing your interning at?