Thursday, January 14, 2010

Random Thoughts

A picture of me and Calvin Christmas weekend. 
I haven't shared pix in a long time.  :-)

This morning Calvin weighed himself then yelled, "Mom, I lost 5 pounds!"  I cracked up laughing.  First, he can't read numbers and subtract - so he has no idea if he gains a few or loses.  And second, when did 4 year olds start obsessing about their weight? 

This semester is officially the hardest and most demanding semester of my life!  I'm so overwhelmed by all of the work.  And with 6 hours in each of 2 classes (12 hrs total between them ea. week plus another class) I'd expect to be able to get all the required work done in class.  Wrong.  I'm disappointed, discouraged, and a little ticked off that there's so much redundant work to be done that I have to work on it outside of the classroom. 

Mom came over today to watch Calvin bowl and all that on the Wii Sports Resort - then watched me master the hula hoop on the Wii Fit!  I couldn't convince her to give it a try... maybe next time! 


Dawn said...

The Wii fit rocks. Have you done the head soccer/bear thing yet? That's a B. And Daelyn has also mentioned her weight before. Egads.

Steph said...

Cute pic. Good luck with school. I have a feeling this semester is going to suck for me too but hey at least you will be done after this one.