Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Sweet Bella Sue

One month ago today we were blessed with our precious little girl, Bella Sue O.  She is perfect in every way imaginable.  I'm not sure we could love her anymore or that any other baby has gotten as many kisses as she has.  As if Mommy and Daddy's love wasn't enough for her, she is blessed with an outstanding big brother.  Calvin absolutely adores her.

She was born August 8, 2010 at 2:33 a.m. via c-section.  I got to the operating room at 2:08 a.m., she was born at 2:33, and I was being wheeled out at 2:58.  Amazing how quickly it went!  Chris was an amazing coach/confidence booster.  I also had wonderful labor and delivery nurses.  One stands out the most - she was my support during the spinal. 

Bella Sue O.  6lbs 8oz ~ 19 1/2 inches ~ Perfect. 

I'm not sure when I'll be back on here to blog.  Being a mommy to a newborn is a lot of work - and when she's not keeping me busy, I try to get in some zzz's.  Thank-you to our friends and family that have helped, sent well wishes, prayers, and gifts.  :) 

Day One - August 8, 2010

3 Days Old - August 11, 2010

5 Days Old - August 13, 2010

6 Days Old - August 14, 2010
Tommy Ordner Memorial Golf Outing

14 Days Old - August 22, 2010

16 Days Old - August 24, 2010

29 Days Old - September 6, 2010

1 Month Old - September 8, 2010

Friday, July 23, 2010

Where Do I Begin?

So much has been going on lately.  I have no idea where to even start this blog post.  I've been a crappy blogger lately.  Not only have I not posted in a long time - but I've been horrible about reading other blogs.  Sorry.  For those of you still following me... bless your hearts for sticking around.  :) 

The Great Fall

I had a stupid moment on June 24th.  So stupid.  The guys were re-roofing our house.  They looked so hot and thirsty.  So... being the nice lady that I am... I got ice cold water bottles out.  The quickest way for me to get them up on the roof was for me to stand on a wooden chair on our deck and hand them to my brother Levi. 
Great idea, right? 
The chair came out from under me.  I hit my lower abdomen twice because the first time wasn't good enough.  I landed pretty hard on my stomach.  The neighbor seriously ran at olympic speed to get to me while the guys rushed to get off the roof.  I laid there for a couple minutes... to catch my breath, get it all together, and put on a good face for Chris because I knew he was going to be really worried. 

When I got inside it was 4:58... doctor's office was closed.  At Dr. Haller's request, I went to the hospital and was admitted and sent to the OB floor to be monitored for awhile.  Peanut was doing great - strong, regular heartbeat.  The doctor had no concerns about her.  I was having sizable contractions every 3 minutes.  After a few hours of that, they put me on Procardia.  It helped - the contractions slowed down to every 4-6 minutes.  :)  Luckily, I got sent home.  The next day, word got back to the doctor's office that I was still having contractions so Niki called for me to come in for another non-stress test.  Still contractions.  Now, bed rest.  Ugh. 

It's been almost a month of "bed rest."  Last week I was given permission to do a little more than just lay on the couch.  I'll admit, I've probably been doing far more than I should - but it's hard to just lay around all the time.  Dr. Haller has me on bed rest til Monday.  Then, medicine for another week.  Then, finally... nothing... let nature do its thing. 

Calvin's T-Ball

Calvin has just 2 more t-ball games this season.  Seems like he just started.  He's pretty good - but then again, I'm pretty biased.  I'm just so proud of the effort he puts forth out on the field.  :) 

Tommy's Golf Outing

August 14th is the 2010 Tommy Ordner Golf Outing at Cardinal Golf Course.  Spots are filling up fast, so if you want to be a part of the coolest golf outing of the season, get your team together and call Cardinal Golf Course immediately!  :)

 Getting Ready For Peanut

Peanut will be here soon.  Last week I had some really bad contractions one night.  So bad that I thought it was possible my water might break!  But all I could think about was that her pillow with her name embroidered on it wasn't finished.  Silly, right?!?  That's me.  Since I couldn't sleep, I stayed up late hand stitching a sweet little pillow for her. 

We have her name picked out.  But, we're keeping it a secret.  I hand painted the letters of her name to hang on her bedroom wall.  They are very cute and can't wait to show them off when I can finally put them up after her arrival.  Also, I ordered newborn shoes with her name embroidered on them.  Very cute - absolutely love them. 

A couple weeks ago, a beautiful cradle arrived from Mom and Grandma Bobbi.  It's gorgeous.  Thank-you so much for this awesome gift! 

Everything is ready for her.  Our bags are packed - including a gift bag for Calvin.  Just waiting on one more thing to arrive to put in his bag - but if it's not here in time, it will be ok.  Chris and I wanted to have a special present just for Calvin when the baby is born. 

I think she'll be here sooner than later.  I'm already starting to progress - I'll spare you those details.  But, even with the medicine, I'm still having contractions - especially in the evenings.  So, we're ready - for whenever she wants to come.  :) 

Kindergarten, Here We Come

In about a month, Calvin will be heading off to Kindergarten... no matter how ready or not I am.  I still can't believe my baby boy is old enough for Kindergarten.  Crazy.  Just crazy.  I already took him school supply shopping and ordered new school shoes.  But where or where can I get a cool cammo backpack?!?  Help, please! 

The New Ride

Last night on our way to go test drive a car, I sold my car to  Amber.  Couldn't have been more perfect timing!  She needed a dependable car - and we needed to sell it.  And just in time because that car we were on our way to test drive... well, we bought it!  :)  We are the proud new owners of a Chrysler Aspen.  I absolutely love it!  :)  It will definitely be able to pull the boat... and yes... it even has a Hemi!  :)  Perfect new ride for our growing family!

As we waited to drive the car, a couple CCX trucks drove by.  I knew right then... that was my Dad, checking up on us.  After we drove it, another CCX truck went by.  Then, as we were getting on the interstate, a whole sleuth of CCX trucks passed us.  Dad, I got your point.  You liked the car.  You approve.  :)  Thanks for still looking out for me.  I miss you every single day.  But, knowing you were right there with us as we bought the Aspen makes me feel very secure of our decision.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Trip, shopping, and the car

I've been mia from the blogger scene lately.  Sorry.  Just haven't had the motivation to blog. 

I'm doing good.  Over 30 weeks prego, now.  Actually have a check-up today.  Peanut gave her Daddy an early Father's Day gift - Pix for Kicks!  He loved it!  We got to watch her move around in her own little world.  I'll post pictures soon - or you can see them now at  We have a DVD video of her and that has become our favorite movie. 

Our trip to Michigan was good.  Shopped too much (is there such a thing?), Detroit Zoo, Mackinac Island, dinners with friends, swimming, 4 trips to Bass Pro Shop, Pizza Papalis, a Latin mass, and some car trouble.  Overall, we had a good time.  But 10 days is a long time and it feels sooo good to be back home! 

Tomorrow is cut & color day!  I'm sooo looking forward to it! 

My mom has been smoke-free for over 2 weeks now.  I am sooo proud of her.  Really.  I never thought she'd quit.  She's smoked for over 30 years.  That's a long time.  But, she proved me wrong and she did it.  Now, I gotta pay up with a Michael Kors handbag!  No complaints from me - it's worth it! 

My car is still for sale.  Price reduced:  $3199 for a 2000 Buick Century.  Call us at 217.813.0107 or 217.343.7115 for more details or to make an offer. 

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Car For Sale

Ladies and Gents, I am finally selling my car!!!  It's been a good car - reliable and I've always felt safe in it unlike many of those compact cars out there.  Gas mileage has been amazing - going to Florida we got over 400 miles per tank!  Interstate I've gotten low to mid 30's per gallon.  Around town, more like mid 20's.   
On one hand, I'm eager to get rid of it and move on to a newer family vehicle.  On the other hand, I'm a little sad.  Endings are always sad.  This was the last thing I every bought with my Dad.  He helped me buy it when I was just a single mother trying to make ends meet.  I'll never forget his generosity. 

Chris has maintained the car to his automotive expertise.  He never even allowed me to take it to a quickie oil change place since I bought it in 2006.   Oh, I forgot to put in the ad that the tires are less than a year old.  That's a pretty big perk! 

Get in touch with me if you're interested in it.  
$3500.00 o.b.o
Help a fellow blogger out and tell your local friends
about this great deal!  

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Things That Make You Go Mmmm...

Some things just have to be shared with friends. 
Especially something as rich, fudgy, and decadent
as Betty Crocker Warm Delights!
You are 45 seconds away from pure ecstasy. 
Mix cookie mix and 1 Tablespoon of water. 
Microwave for 45 seconds. 
Hide in the closet to eat alone - it's too good to share! 

I've only had the Fudgy Chocolate Chip Cookie Warm Delight. 
It's delicious beyond words -
especially right out of the microwave. 
If you're having a rough day
or just want to spoil yourself a little, give 'em a try. 

Taco Bell Cravings

I'm having crazy Taco Bell cravings.  What started out as 3 soft shell tacos has quickly escalated to 5.  And since I've been to Taco Bell about 5 times in the last week, I decided I needed to find an alternative to make at home.  Although Taco Bell's not outrageously priced - at the rate I visit, it'll be wearing on the budget soon. 

Meat already prepared for at home fajitas or quesadillas may be old news to you - but for me, this is all new.  :) 

I picked up both of these products - cooked them separately - Chicken for Calvin - Steak for me.  Each took about 5 minutes to heat up in the skillet (you can microwave them, too).  Then, I put Calvins between 2 tortillas and added cheese.  Voilla - quesadilla.  For mine, I mixed up a McCormick fajita mix packet - adding only about 1 1/2 tablespoons to my sizzling steak pieces.  I refrigerated the rest of the mix for future use. 
Added cheese to my fajita and I was
a happy pregnant Taco Bell craving woman!  :) 

I had wondered what the quality of the meat would be.  To my surprise, the John Soules Foods Beef Fajitas exceeded my expectations.  Delicious.  The Tyson Chicken - was good - but not quite as good as freshly grilled chicken. 
But, for the price and convenience I'm happy. 

Monday, May 17, 2010

Foot Heaven

What's keeping your toes, arches,
and heels comfy this spring? 
Mine are in foot heaven thanks to Malindi Crocs! 
I've always wanted a pair of crocs - not the regular ones that are wide and bulky, but a petite style for my little feet that are comfortable and fashionable at the same time.  I've tried a couple different kinds of Crocs in the last couple years.  I didn't have a lot of faith in the Malindi's, but I ordered them anyway.  They arrived and are a dream come true for my tired, aching, pregnant feet.  I absolutely love them and wear them just about everywhere. 

They're a lot more narrow than normal Crocs which is a huge perk for me.  They don't slide off the back at all.  They fit like a glove!  Also, the Malindi Croc is more true to size than other Crocs.  I've learned that for most Crocs, you should round down when ordering - like if you're a 6 1/2, order a 6.  Not the Malindi's.  I wear a 6 in regular shoes and in this Croc.  I ordered mine at Crocs.Com, but you can get them at lots of online shoe stores like Zappos and Shoebuy.  Also, my cousin Kayla said Dick's in Champaign sells them, too. 

Mom, I'm pretty sure I know you're going to order some - because you fell in love with mine.  :)
Dawn, order them - you will love them more than any of the dozens of flats you already have!  I promise! 
Aubrey, order them because your pregnant feet deserve some relief. 
Bridget, order them because they're cute and stylish and super comfy while you're on your feet all day. 
Amy, order them because you're Super Mom and you deserve to pamper your feet! 
Steph, order them because they'll be perfect for all of your camping excursions this summer!

I should be thankful

I am having severe sinus pressure. 
Okay, severe may be a little strong - but intense. 
I'm pretty sure there's a sinus infection setting in. 
I barely slept last night because of the discomfort. 
Take medicine? 
Good idea! 
But, I'm weird about meds when I'm prego. 
I worry too much. 
I'm a paranoid mommy. 
So, I decide to suck it up and deal with the pain. 
Sinus rinses will start to help sooner or later... I hope. 
To make it all worse,
It's raining
And I'm out of Cap'n Crunch. 
I am trying to remind myself that I should be thankful that this sinus crap didn't settle in during the last couple weeks of school, during finals, or even during graduation.  I should be thankful, right? 

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Kindergarten Walk-Thru

Friday afternoon Calvin and I got to walk through the Kindergarten classrooms.  I know most of the teachers which made it all the easier.  Calvin liked Mrs. J the most after he found out she's related to Uncle Jerry.  Then there was Mrs. H.  He loved her because she's Tricia's aunt.  The whole walk through was fun and exciting.  The smart boards are really cool!  Calvin is looking forward to using them next year! 

My question:  Why are these kids so big and why do they know how to read??? 

I'm seriously wondering if they had 2nd and 3rd graders fill in for the Kindergarteners during the walk-thru.  I can't imagine my sweet baby Calvin growing up so much in the next year.  Wow.  Where have the last 4 1/2 years gone?  Can I pause life right here? 

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

That.Kid - And A Quest

I do not want "That Kid."
  You know, the one that never listens. 
The one that thinks it's acceptable to talk back to adults. 
The one that nobody wants around. 

I pride myself on having a phenomenally well behaved son.  Yes, I am bragging.  Calvin is very well behaved.  I am a parent first, friend second.  I set clear expectations and expect clear results.  I instill into him the philosophy that every choice has a consequence - good or bad.  I find myself agreeing 9 times out of 10 with the parents on the t.v. show World's Strictest Parents. 

Some of you are rolling your eyes saying, "He's only four!"  Well, you're right.  He's only 4.  But he's the best behaved 4 year old I've ever met.  I look around at children much older and heck - even adults and wonder how they turned out the way they did.  That fuels my strict parenting.  My ultimate goal isn't to create a good kid - it is to create a good adult. 

This process started shortly after birth.  He's always known what was expected of him.  At age two, Calvin knew how to stand at attention.  This sounds harsher than it really is.  I got tired of trying to discipline or explain things to him while he lost focus.  Standing at attention keeps him focused.  It also makes the whole process a lot quicker.  At age three, we implemented push-ups in time-out.  What's the point of time-out if the child can see the t.v., play with his feet, or whatever else?  I decided to make time-out purposeful with 5 or so push-ups.  Besides, who couldn't use a few push-ups now and then?  By the way, his push-ups are far from military standards - more like his little but is humping the ground - but whatever, it is productive. ;)

My strict parenting style has been criticized by a few people.  But, when I remind these people of how well behaved Calvin is, they can't disagree that my style works.  It works for us.  Every family is different.  Every child is different. 

Let me take a moment to remind you of the dozens of posts on this blog displaying my love for Calvin and all of the fun adventures we go on.  He does not do without love or affection.  He has been the center of my world for the past four years.  I absolutely adore him.  He's an amazing son, role model, and friend. 

I am not the most patient person.  One day God will grant all of my prayers for patience.  ;)  Until then, I'm on a personal quest to become a more patient mother.  I'm looking forward to enjoying a Summer with Calvin.  I'll keep you posted.  Wish me luck! 

Sunday, May 2, 2010


Lots happening at the O house.  Just haven't had the motivation to blog about it.  Spring semester is almost over!  YAY!  I will be graduated in less than 2 weeks!!!  :)  Getting excited!  2 big projects due this week but I'm not the least bit motivated to get them done.  In normal Christina fashion, I'll likely procrastinate until the last minute.  But, I have no doubts that the sites will be fabulous in the end.  Bring on the A's!  :) 

Tiffany's Prom

My sister. 
Stunningly beautiful. 
Junior Prom, 2010. 

Yard Work

With help from family and his #1 helper, Calvin, Chris has been moving dirt into our backyard.  I have been assured that soon... very soon... we will have a lush green lawn.  :)  For now, Calvin's enjoying all the dirt! 

Peanut's Room

First, the bedding. 
I love it!  Found it online at JCP. 
The embroidered butterflies remind me a lot of my late cousin, Heather. 
So, it's extra special. 
Also, the bed...
You could say it was love at first sight. 
Babi Italia from Babies R Us. 
Thanks again to Mama O for letting us raid her attic
to trade in old items to get 25% off items like this bed!  

What wrong with painting in your underwear???  

Proudly painting his little girl's room. 

My two favorite guys got to work Saturday. 
After putting 7 different paint samples on the wall, we decided on Fairway Mist (green). 
I'm excited to get the room finished. 
More projects including wainscoating (sp?) soon. 
Special thanks to Chris for all of his hard work!!! 

The diaper bag!  :) 
After looking high and low and comparing diaper bags of friends,
I decided on this Bella Tunno. 
She arrived in the mail on Friday. 
Fun. Stylish. Me
Love it!  :-) 

Don't want to leave Mimi out of this post! 
Mom, thanks for all of the gifts you've given Peanut! 
She's sure to know exactly how much you love her! 

Well, I am officially 24 weeks prego! 
I've gained a whopping 10lbs. 

I'd been putting off wearing maternity clothes.  Let's face it, they're not exactly figure friendly.  But I guess I needed to face the facts:  My figure isn't the same it was pre-prego!  I'd been using the good ole fashion rubber band trick on my jeans.  Works pretty good in the a.m. but by late afternoon my pants would get a little snug.  This afternoon I finally busted out a pair of maternity capris.  Wow.  Relief.  Comfort.  Felt so good that I was inspired to find more comfy maternity capris and shorts.  And since Effy's selection of affordable maternity clothes is limited, to say the least, I turned to the world wide web from the comfort of my couch.

Ever bought maternity clothes???  They're not cheap!  Okay, maybe it's just me... I'm weird about spending money on certain things like maternity clothes.  After looking at several sites, I ended up at  I'm quickly on my way to being the size of a beached whale - so why do I care what brand the tag says?  Anyway, their maternity shorts and capris are really inexpensive in comparison to other stores.  They'll be here mid-week.  I'll post to let you know if they're worth a darn or if I should have splurged at Motherhood Maternity. 

I think I'm over my friend egg cravings.  For several weeks, Chris made me 2-6 fried eggs each day.  Yes, I know... you are wondering how I got so lucky to end up with a husband that is willing to do so much for me.  All I gotta say is... it's luck.  Really.  I probably don't deserve him.  He's a phenomenal husband and father.  I'm just really lucky he picked me.  :) 

No new really strong cravings.  Loving popsicles (especially Jelly Belly Lemon) and Tropical Sno.  Yummy! 

Monday, April 12, 2010

Kleenex's... A No Go!

For years I've wondered if I'm allergic to kleenex's - tissues of any kind, not just the brand.  My typical allergies would flare up, I'd blow my nose... and then it would feel like I had a tickle in my nose so I'd try to blow more and more and more.  But, the tickle would never go away.  I wondered if the tissues were triggering it.  I mean, tissues are made from paper and paper has dust - so it's not out of the question to wonder.  So today I asked Dr. Ames.  I tested positive to Puffs Plus Lotion and the generic tissues she has at her office.  Although I wish I had been wrong, I'm not surprised. 

Not gonna go on and on...

I'm not going to go on and on about this topic.  So, I'll keep it brief.  The other day I came across an article about Third-Hand Smoke in the latest American Baby magazine.  I'd always wondered if there was such a thing as third-hand smoke - you know, the toxins left on objects and the atmosphere after someone smokes - particularly on their clothes, hair, or in their home.  I mean, you can smell a smoker a mile away - well, you know what I mean - so wouldn't this mean there could be cigarette toxin remains on the person?  The article suggested having smokers change their clothes after smoking if they're going to hold a baby.  This article got me interested and I went on to research the topic a little more. 

I came across an article from the Scientific American.  It did a good job of summing up the facts and making sense of it all.  I found it extremely informative and urge you to read it.  You'll likely be surprised with the findings. 

"...the cocktail of toxins that linger in carpets, sofas, clothes and other materials hours or even days after a cigarette is put out—is a health hazard for infants and children."

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Unorthodoxed Treatment

If you know me personally - or if you read my blog much, you probably realize that I'm pretty opinionated - especially, if I'm particularly passionate about something.  So, here goes! 

I will admit that at first I was very skeptical of Dr. Ames' unorthodoxed medical treatment methods.  I'm a logical type of girl and need to see and understand something to believe in it - usually.  This is the exception.  I don't understand how her treatments work, but they just do - or atleast they have for me and several other people I know. 

I started going to see Dr. Ames a couple years ago for my intense seasonal allergies.  I've been known to have to call in sick to work in the past because of allergies - they were that bad.  She did a series of non-invasive treatments on me and - Voilla - allergies were gone.  So far, I'm cured of my pollen and tree allergies.  I'm still allergic to grass, which we're working on now.  Each Spring I go to her for 3-6 treatments over a short period of time and then I don't have allergies.  It works for me.  No more medicine! 

Tuesday as I was driving Calvin to his appointment with Dr. Ames.  My right eye was practically swollen shut from my allergies.  Vision in my left eye was iffy.  Guess I probably shouldn't have been driving - but I knew if I got to her office, she'd get me in and I'd feel better.  I was thrilled to walk out of her office with NO eye irritations and absolutely no swelling! 

Calvin is another success story.  I took him for an issue - but turns out that can't be treated... however, while she was trying... she got his right and left brain to communicate and got his comprehension and focus on the right track.  I had no idea she could do this stuff.  I was skeptical to say the least.  But, after only TWO visits, he started SPELLING on his own!  I'll be honest, I'm kind of a lazy Mom that doesn't work on his academics much - he goes to pre-k.  So the fact that he picked up on spelling from a video game and retained the information is wondrous to me! 

The kind of treatment she did for Calvin is the same treatment she does for children with ADD, ADHD, and other similar disorders.  Although these appointments aren't free - I think she's a better alternative to medicine for children and worth every penny. 

Dr. Ames and Dr. Andrea can treat lots of different issues.  And if they can't, well - from what I've seen, they'll sure try!  Some issues I know they help with:  allergies, to quit smoking, to get pregnant, depression, chronic colds, stomach/digestive problems, and learning hold-backs. 

I don't expect you to be a believer just from reading my post.  All I gotta say is, Don't Knock It Till You Try It!  If you're looking for an alternative treatment or if you think you're out of options, consider giving them a try:  (217) 347-5455.   

Tuesday, April 6, 2010


  • I haven't had the energy or focus to blog lately.  Sorry if you've been waiting for some profound post. 
  • Spring Break flew by! 
    • Now that I only have 1 more day, I'm rushing to get all of my homework finished! 
  • Easter was nice.  We got to see a lot of family - which is a blessing. 
    • The Easter Bunny brought lots of Woo-hoo bars a.k.a. Reese's Eggs - Yummy! 
    • Pix aren't posted yet... soon. 
  • Spring's here! 
    • I'm enjoying the beautiful weather from inside my house.  Allergies suck! 
  • My heart is breaking for Dawn and her family. 
    • Marilyn was an amazing woman that put up an admirable fight against lung cancer.  Still, I can't believe her fight is over. 
    • Please send hugs and prayers Dawn's way. 
  • My Mom's father-in-law passed away last week. 
    • We have 2 funerals this week. 
  • We've made it to the official half way mark!  20 weeks! 
    • I said we were half way at 19 - Calvin came 3 1/2 weeks early on his own and the doc was going to induce me 3 weeks early if he didn't come by then.  So, I'm expecting similar with Peanut. 
    • I'm up 1 pound from pre-prego weight! 
    • I think I have a diaper bag picked out!  That's uber important! 
    • We have her name narrowed down to two. 
      • Her name is a secret. 
  • Chris is quite possibly the best husband in the world! 
    • I've been craving fried eggs - and since he makes the world's best eggs, I only eat ones he makes. 
    • Never once has he complained about the daily egg routine right before we go to bed.  He doesn't even complain that I eat them in bed! 
  • Bridget gave me a fantastic cut & color - I'm a blonde again! 
    • Last week she gave me a mani & pedi!  I feel so pampered! 
    • Become a fan of The French Quarter Salon and Day Spa on Facebook for chances to win free services! 
      • If you call on April 6th to schedule a pedi, you'll get $5.00 off! 

Thursday, March 25, 2010

The wait is over... Peanut is a...

Yesterday we found out
that Peanut is a little GIRL!!! 
Calvin's getting a little sister! 

The sonogram went very well.  I already think she's perfect and beautiful.  She got my gift of gab... she appeared to be talking to us during the sonogram.  It was so cute!  Once, when Calvin was talking she gave him a thumbs-up!  She's quite the entertainer - we watched her do summersaults and leg kicks.  Like I said... perfect. 

Chris smiled ear to ear through the sonogram.  He's a proud Daddy that's already worrying about all the stuff Dad's worry about with a little girl. 

We were able to share the news with family last night.  I think my Mom is pretty excited!!!  This will be her first granddaughter.  This will also be my Grandma Betty & Grandpa Larry's first great-granddaughter.  Family suprprised us with gifts for the new baby.  Aunt Wendy even brought gifts for a boy or a girl... the outfits are sooo cute!

We're all very happy and excited about our new addition.  Life sure will change around here with a little girl! 

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Merv The Perv

So, I'm always calling Chris Merv The Perv... and for good reason... ;-)  Anyway, a couple weeks ago, Calvin started saying it, too.  I know... at this point I should have stopped and taught him that wasn't something appropriate to say, but I didn't - so sue me. 

This morning Chris and I were laying in bed when Calvin came in to tell us Good Morning.  I called Chris Merv the Perv again - and Calvin said HE was Merv the Perv!!!  I told him there's no way he was - just Chris.  Well, this led to a flood of questions like, "What makes him Merv the Perv?"  I told Calvin that Chris is Merv the Perv because he's always trying to hug and kiss me.  Calvin only reiterated the point that this also made him Merv the Perv because he gives me lots of hugs and kisses. 

It was funny.  We were all laughing. 

Then, he insisted that he and Chris were not Merv the Perv... that I was because I'm always hugging and kissing Chris.  Even after I explained that only boys can be Mer the Perv, he refused to let it go.  We laughed as he marched in circles singing, "Mom's Merv the Perv all through the town!" 

Saturday, March 13, 2010


For my Blogger friends, pix of my baby bump

Today we are 17 weeks! 
Peanut is really growing. 
And moving! 
I started feeling movement last week. 
It's an amazing miracle. 
I picture the baby doing acrobats in my belly
every night around bed time.  :-)
I can't wait for the movements to get a little more ponounced
so Chris and Calvin can feel, too. 

My belly is growing, that's for sure! 
Trust me, the shirt conceals it a bit. 
The rough first trimester has left me negative 1lb pre-prego weight. 
I have no doubt I'll gain my fair share...
especially since Homewood Grill's open, now! 

It seems like the weeks are flying by! 
Before I know it, I'll be holding baby Peanut in my arms. 

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Gone Crafty!

Time to finally share 2 crafty projects.  :-) 

The first is a shelf with coat hooks for our laundry/utility room. 

We ordered the shelf from The Old Country Cupboard
They're super friendly and easy to work with. 
Plus, their prices are awesome! 
You get handmade products for a reasonable price! 

With a few small modifications of a peg shelf,
I got exactly what I wanted: 
a shelf with no coat hooks or pegs. 

Last year, Chris ordered me a quilt rack form the same place. 

Then, I picked out glass door knobs on ebay
in purple and green. 
Since they're not real vintage - only vintage replica,
they were very reasonably priced! 

Once everything came in, my Handy Dandy Husband
attached the door knobs to the shelf
and mounted it to the wall. 
Voilla!  We love it! 

I got a freebie bench from Mom. 
Slapped some green paint on it
and it looks pretty good under the shelf. 


This is a project I started over 6 months ago.  I finally got around to finishing it today.  :-) 

The shelf with hooks (perfect for my aprons) was a freebie from Mom.  It's amazing all of the cool stuff I find laying around at Mom's!  Thanks, Mom! 

I spray painted the metal parts silver and painted the wooden shelf a fun pink!  Mom wasn't so hip on the idea, but I guarantee she's going to love the finished product! 

I purchased 12" letters E-A-T and then followed an online tutorial to mod podge craft paper to the letters.  They're not perfect, so don't look too close!  But, they're cute and they're fun.  And I made them myself so I'm pretty proud of them. 

I found the old milk jug at an antique store while out with Dawn one day.  It completes the look! 

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

It's like I have nothing to blog about... but I do

I've not been very bloggy lately.  Been in a little bit of a funk.  Between being a sick & pregnant and missing my brother in law, I just haven't been able to muster up anything to blog about.  Here are a few things: 

  • We are 15 weeks pregnant!  I think I'm starting to feel a little better.  I had what felt like a really bad hangover for over 13 weeks!  Ugh. 
  • Me pregnant = me fainting.  I've only fainted once.  Thank goodness!  But, I get dizzy at the drop of a dime. 
  • Chris is like Super Husband right now!  He's been taking really good care of me.  :-)
  • I pre-registered Calvin for Kindergarten.  Still undecided if he'll go 1/2 or full day next year.  He'll be a two year Kindergartener. 
  • This is my last full week in AOP and PD!!!  I'm so excited!  There's a crap ton of stuff due this week, but I'll get through it!  Looking forward to being done! 
  • I had a mock interview for PD class last week.  The interview went sooo well that she offered me the Summer Internship!  I had to pass it up because of the baby's arrival in August.  But still... I am hugely flattered!  :-) 
  • Our washing machine crapped out on us Saturday.  Now we have one of those fancy front loaders.  It holds a ton more than our old washer!  I think I could fit all of our bedding (minus comforter) in one load! 
  • Peanut loves McDonald's!!!  OMGosh the baby loves McD's!  On the way to school I get 2 hashbrowns and a sweet tea.  For the drive home I get a fish fillet (minus the tarter)!  Mmmmm!  Delicious! 
  • I could go on and on about how much we're missing Tommy.  Really.  Sunday was one month.  The month flew by but it's like the hours went by so slowly.  It was the longest and shortest month ever.  My inlaws are in Mexico on vacation (planned before the incident).  I'm happy they were able to get away.  They needed it.  Maybe after graduation we can get away for a few days.  It's tough watching Chris miss his brother so much.  We've had so many, "Just call Tommy to help..."  moments.  You don't realize how much you rely on someone else until they're gone. 
  • I saw my Dad.  I was driving back from Effingham (McDonald's) Friday morning after I dropped Calvin off for school.  I was at the stoplight before Goeckner Bros and there was my Dad, driving a semi.  I bawled all the way home.  Maybe because I was sad, but maybe because I was so happy to see him... with his grumpy face.  :-)  That night I saw him again.  Same intersection, he was turning to go home (or back towards the direction he came from that morning).  I'm looking forward to seeing him again soon. 

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Hello 2nd Trimester!

Week 14 Day 2: 
We're in our 2nd trimester! 

This is exciting and a huge milestone.  Our chances of miscarrying is significantly lower, now.  That puts a big smile on my face.  :-) 

In other news, I'm starting to get my appetite back.  After nearly 14 weeks of eating next to nothing thanks to morning sickness that lasted 24/7, I can finally eat!  The doctor prescribed anti-nausea meds at 8 weeks and they helped me from throwing up all the time, but I still couldn't eat much.  I'd be like totally starving and then be able to only put down 5 or 6 bites of food.  But, it's getting better!  I'm a lot hungrier these days.  :-)  Still not able to eat a lot in most sittings, but I'm able to eat several times throughout the day. 

For the record, I'm still negative 4lbs from pre-prego.  I'm sure I'll start gaining weight soon! 

Calvin's really excited about the baby.  He prays for Peanut a lot.  It's pretty cute.  We're taking him with us to the doctor on Wednesday so he can hear the heartbeat.  He's really looking forward to it. 

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

A 25% Off Sale!

Babies R Us is having a pretty cool sale right now.  Just trade in any old car seat, stroller, travel system, high chair, play yard, toddler bed, bassinet, or crib and get 25% off Any New one!!!  FYI:  The stuff can be pretty old!  We traded in some old stuff we got from Chris's parent's house.  We were able to get 25% off our crib and car seat!  If you're thinking about getting a jogging stroller for the Spring, now's a good time - just trade in any old one (or anything on the list) and get 25% off!  It's such a good deal that I had to share it with you guys! 

Monday, February 8, 2010

On The 3rd Day of My Birthday Week...

Welcome to Day 3 of my Birthday Week. 

It officially started Saturday, February 6th when Chris whisked me away to Terre Haute for lunch at Olive Garden and some browsing at some stores followed by dinner with my inlaws that even included the Happy Birthday tune! 
Inspite of everything going on, Chris took the time to give me a great birthday.  :-)  My actual birthday was yesterday, February 7th.  We went to church with family, lunch with my grandparents, shopping, and dinner at Lone Star!  It was a pretty terrific birthday - especially considering the circumstances. 

Calvin singing Happy Birthday to me. 
I can't figure out how to flip the video to portrait - sorry. 

Onto the gifts... 

FIRST:  I guess I better announce to the Blogger World that we are expecting baby Peanut!!!  We are 12 weeks pregnant and everything is going very well.  Peanut is scheduled to arrive August 21st. 

Since we're so excited about the baby, I insisted that my gifts be for Peanut.  Chris got me the deluxe, mega, luxury baby swing.  It's so awesome - seriously, if they made them big enough for me we'd probably replace the Natuzzi sofas with these swings!!!  ;-)  Calvin got Peanut a cute toy, too.  I love my gifts! 

Our anniversary was last week and we'd promised nursery furniture to each other as a gift.  So, on my birthday we headed to Terre Haute to Babies R Us to order the bed that I just had to have (seen the day before and couldn't find it anywhere else).  After the drive home and a few minutes of rest, Chris and Calvin took me to Lone Star for dinner - then DQ ice cream cake! 

I have to give Chris mega kudos for making my birthday so special.  He's an amazing husband that truly gets the whole Birthday Week experience.  Thank-you.  :-) 

Friday, February 5, 2010

"I may not be perfect..."

Many of you already know that last week Chris lost his little brother, Tommy in a tragic farm accident.  It is devestating and the family is still deep in mourning.  Life changed in a blink of an eye and things will never be just like they were before.  There will always be a void in our lives.  Tommy was an amazing son, brother, uncle, cousin, and friend.  Looking back on all of the memories, nobody could come up with even one bad thing to say about Tommy.  The stories shared by his closest friends are some of the funniest.  We look forward to hearing even more. 

I've tried to think of the right words to share, but so far I've come up empty handed.  So, I want to share part of Tommy's obituary written by close family members:  People listened when Tommy spoke. When he did speak, it was "right on," ... sometimes teasing, sometimes just the thing to say to make you smile. Thus that gorgeous smile spread to those around him. Family was first for Tommy. He enjoyed going out with his friends; but if there was a family gathering, he was there. Tommy the son made his parents proud. As an uncle, cousin and nephew, he spread big love. Tommy the brother, Tommy the friend, was reliable and protective; he showed up just when you needed him, with that grin, or if necessary, a tough look. Tommy the grandson shoveled driveways, mowed lawns and played cards. He was their Mr. FixIt. Friends and family describe him as "the type of person to drop everything to help out in times of need." A beautiful smile entered heaven Thursday. We speculate that Grandpa O. greeted him and introduced him to a few pinochle players. They are probably already on their second game. While we wish we could have played one last game with him too, we thank you for your smile Tommy. We will remember how you spread it and will continue spreading that special love.

The family will be eternally grateful for the amount of community support during and after the rescue efforts.  Friends and family from across the nation came together to celebrate Tommy's life this last week... a life that we will always feel ended too soon, but also a life that was filled with love and happiness.  The family definitely feels all of the prayers you have been saying.  Thank-you.   

A friend of the family shared a quote from Tommy that really made us smile: 
"I may not be perfect
but I am Tommy O."

Sunday, January 17, 2010

... You lint licker!

Who are you calling a Cootie Queen, you Lint Licker!!! 

I absolutely LOVE this commercial.  It's like my new "Mary-jane" joke.  I just can't stop laughing... seriously crack up every single time I see iit!  :-)  I hope it makes you smile! 

Friday, January 15, 2010

Wishful Thinking

Today a guy walked into class to tell us someone's car had exploded and was on fire in the parking lot... the same parking lot my car was in.  A little piece inside me got all giddy at the idea that my car went up in flames, we'd be able to collect on some insurance money, and finally - finally Chris wouldn't be able to argue about getting a new vehicle. 

Our class walked outside.  The car was a row or two closer than I remembered parking mine.  And then someone announced it was a brown Grand Prix.  Darn... it wasn't a green Buick Century... :-( 

Turns out I was parked across from the flame-hog car... yes flame-hog because it couldn't spare a couple flames for my car.  Selfish jerk!  ;-)  I did a thorough look over of my car... and absolutely nothing.  It's like it's invincible or at least fire proof.  ;-)

Doesn't look like I'll be getting a new car anytime soon... better luck next time a car blows up in the parking lot! 

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Random Thoughts

A picture of me and Calvin Christmas weekend. 
I haven't shared pix in a long time.  :-)

This morning Calvin weighed himself then yelled, "Mom, I lost 5 pounds!"  I cracked up laughing.  First, he can't read numbers and subtract - so he has no idea if he gains a few or loses.  And second, when did 4 year olds start obsessing about their weight? 

This semester is officially the hardest and most demanding semester of my life!  I'm so overwhelmed by all of the work.  And with 6 hours in each of 2 classes (12 hrs total between them ea. week plus another class) I'd expect to be able to get all the required work done in class.  Wrong.  I'm disappointed, discouraged, and a little ticked off that there's so much redundant work to be done that I have to work on it outside of the classroom. 

Mom came over today to watch Calvin bowl and all that on the Wii Sports Resort - then watched me master the hula hoop on the Wii Fit!  I couldn't convince her to give it a try... maybe next time! 

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Boy oh boy am I glad it's Wednesday!  Spring semester started Monday - I can tell already it's going to be a demanding one - atleast Mod I.  I'm taking 2 required business Mod I classes (16 weeks of material crammed into 8 weeks) and a Web Graphics Design course.  I think I'll enjoy the graphics class.  We're going to learn some pretty cool stuff - and even blog about it at Wordpress!  But the business classes... they're so much work, and in my opinion a lot of repetitive work we've learned in previous classes.  For the most part, I'm a quick learner.  Learn it, practice it, use it, move on.  So doing the same things over and over will take a lot of patience and soft skills I'm not used to using. 

I have to arrange for my 30 intern hours soon.  Shouldn't take me too long to get those done.  Then, Mod II when I'll wrap up my intern hours, finish the Web Graphics Design course, and a final Graphics Capstone course where I'll put all of my skills to work... and then... GRADUATE!!!  :-) 

Hoping this semester flies by lickity split!  Can't wait to be finished!!!!  To all my school buddies, I hope you're having a good start to your 2010 Spring semester.  Looking forward to graduating with many of you in May! 

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Thoughts for 2010

It's 2010.  It's still weird to me.  The last 10 years have been an amazing adventure.  And I look forward to even bigger adventures in the next decade.  The best part is that I have Chris to share all of my new endeavors with. 

There's so much I want to do in the next 10 years, including: 
  • Complete our family. 
  • Travel to D.C., NYC, and take a Disney Cruise. 
  • Pay off most of our mortgage. 
  • Make a hefty contribution to our retirement fund. 
Over the past couple weeks I've really thought about how I want to change.  I feel a new decade is a good time to make some changes.  I want to renew my faith in God.  Sometimes life distracts me, and that's no excuse at all.  A little more time praying, being thankful, and helping others will help. 

Also, I want to stop being such a control freak.  If only I could change everyone to be exactly what I think they should be... but, I can't.  And it's their lives.  I have to back off and let people just live their lives.  In some cases, this means letting go and moving on. 

Patience.  I have none.  Really.  And it's time I work on it.  A whole lot of prayer and self help books should help.  Chris and Calvin deserve a more patient me.  It's going to take some time, but I am confident I can become more patient. 

Finally, I want to focus on me and my family.  I spend entirely too much time solving everyone else's problems.  It's tiring and stressful.  And I'm tired of it.  I'm here as a friend to many - and that will never change.  But, I am not a therapist.  If you need one, I'm happy to refer you to mine.  ;-)  We are a regular family with our own issues.  And it's time I put more focus at home instead of getting wrapped up in everyone else's drama. 

Overall, I'm looking forward to making changes for the better.  I'm eager to become the New Christina.