Monday, December 7, 2009

Ramblings... On and on and on...

  • Calvin was ecstatic to see the snow this morning!  His expression was priceless! 
    • The snow was pretty... now it's just a bunch of useless mud. 
  • St. Nick came Saturday night.  Calvin's boots were filled with goodies! 
  • This is my last full week of school.  :-) 
    • Next week is finals.  Boo! 
      • The flip side is I'll have a couple weeks off! 
  • I'm just about finished Christmas shopping! 
  • Last night Calvin asked if God will give us a brown baby.   
    • I had to explain that if a Mommy and a Daddy are both white, it's almost definite that the baby will also be white...  otherwise, Mommy will have some explaining to do! 
    • He still didn't get it and I didn't want to get into the birds and the bees, so I explained how his friend Daelyn has a white Mommy and a brown Daddy.  He's starting to understand. 
  • Dawn and Tiffany are coming over Friday night and Saturday to make Christmas candy!  I cannot wait to have all that good food to eat! 
    • Fudge, truffles, rock candy... Mmmm! 
  • Karen with Foot Locker's customer service is on my shit list!  If I could have reached through the phone to slap her, I would have!  How hard is it to change someone's shipping address?  And ever heard that the customer is always right?!?  It is not my fault that THEIR customer service department lacks the sufficient resources to act on emails from customers in a timely manner.  However, Karen repeatedly told me it was my fault.  I don't like Karen.  Karma will catch up with her... I just know it. 
    • Needless to say, I will probably never buy from Foot Locker online again. 
    • Chris pointed out that I should just be happy I got to talk to an American with customer service!  Way to look on the bright side, sweetie! 


Ashley said...

I think it is a conspiracy, KMART informed me only after I called to check the status of my order, that it had been cancelled because 2 of the 20 items were out of stock. When I called back to double check on the reorder or the in stock items my order couldn't be found..... needless to say never black friday shopping at kmartonline again.

Lindsay said...

wow..funny cause i ordered a stethoscope out of a uniform city catalog. well they misinterpreted the zip code. i ended up telling them to credit my account after the 30 minutes of yelling i did over the phone lol

btw how is Wendy and the baby doing?

Dawn said...

So can't wait for Friday! Bringing the aprons too!

And I love the brown baby question. And yes, if white mommies and daddies making brown babies = lots of explaining.

Christina said...

Laura w/ Foot Locker's Custmer Service came through for me this morning! THANK-YOU!

sanjeet said...

well they misinterpreted the zip code. i ended up telling them to credit my account after the 30 minutes of yelling i did over the phone lol

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