Sunday, December 20, 2009

The Date

Last week Chris asked me out on a date.  The rest of the week I felt giddy like I did when we first started dating as I prepared for our big date. Friday night we had a date... a real date.  First we dined at Ruth's Chris Kitchen in Saint Louis.  Then, we headed to the Fabulous Fox Theatre for A White Christmas.  It was sweet and romantic - things you rarely hear me say.  

We found our seats, ooh'd and awe'd over the beautiful theatre, and then he asked the question.  "Do you have my wallet?"  I searched my purse - nothing.  I had it in the car as I put the cash back in after we left the parking garage after dinner.  What had I done with it???  It must be in the car. 

A White Christmas was fabulous.  I loved it!  Would watch it a dozen more times if I could.  Chris even enjoyed the musical.  What a date.  What a date! 

After the show, we walked to the car.  Searched it high and low.  Got out the flashlight and looked all around the outside of the car.  Nothing.  I can only assume his wallet was on my lap and it fell out of the car when I got out.

Chris called Discover to put a hold on his card.  Turns out someone had been out charging on it while we were in the show.  Same with our MasterCard and our debit card.  Just our luck!  He had to call the Saint Louis police department to make a police report.  What drama.  Luckily, the credit card companies and our bank were easy to work with and we feel reassured that they've taken care of everything. 


Stephen, Shanelle, and Sean said...

gotta love the Season of Sharing, Caring, and Stealing. At least you were smart enough to stop everything before anything serious happened.

Steph said...

Sounds like something that would happen to us. Glad you got it all taken care of.

Christina said...

Turns out someone busted the latch in one of the car doors and broke in. We didn't notice in the dark as it's not totally obvious. Still, I feel bad because I'm the one that left it in the car.

Billi Lou said...

Glad to hear the date was wonderful!

Dawn said...

Sorry to hear about the drama but I loved to hear about the date!