Friday, December 18, 2009

Christmas List

I got this from Steph at Watching Airplanes.  If you wanna play, copy and paste these questions into your own blog post. 

1. Have you started your Christmas shopping?
Yes.  And I'm finished!  Woo-hoo!  It seems to take me entirely too long to get all of my shopping done, but finally - this morning the last gift arrived. 

2. Tell me about one of your special traditions.
So many traditions.  Mom's Christmas Eve morning.  Grandma's Christmas afternoon.  I guess you could also say another tradition is for me to over buy! 

3. When do you put up your Tree?
The weekend after Thanksgiving. 

4. Are you a Black Friday shopper?
Yes.  I actually enjoy the hustle and bustle of the stores! 

5. Do you travel at Christmas or stay home?
Last year we traveled to Disney World over Christmas - to escape Christmas here.  But all of the other years, including this one, we go to nearly a dozen different Christmas parties within 30 miles of our house. 

6. What is your funniest Christmas memory?
My brother Jake making vomit noises/guestures at Mom's Christmas breakfast.  It's a long story, or rather a rude one towards a particular person... so all I can say is that it was freaking hilarious! 

7. What is your favorite Christmas Movie of All time?
All of them!  Rudolph, Frosty, Polar Express, and The Grinch are my favies! 

8. Do you do your own Christmas Baking, what’s your favorite treat?
YES, with the help of friends! 

9. Fake or Real Tree?
Both.  Our official Christmas tree is real, courtesy of Althoff Tree Farm.  They're so good to us.  The other tree I put up with pretty ornaments is fake.  I better not forget to mention Calvin's itty-bitty fake tree in his room. 

10. What day does the actual panic set in to get it all done?
I'm a planner.  With thorough planning, there will be no need for panic.  :)

11. Are you still wrapping presents on Christmas Eve?
Nope.  Most are already wrapped.  All of the presents (except the ones Santa will bring) are under the tree already.  Of course wrapped in coordinating wrapping paper.  :)

12. What is your favorite family fun time at Christmas? 
Christmas morning when it's just us and we get to soak up all of Calvin's excitement. 

13. What Christmas craft do you like the best?
Other than Christmas candy - none. 

14. Christmas music? Yes or No, and if yes What is your favorite song?
Baby It's Cold Outside is a favorite.  :) 
I'll Be Home For Christmas brings a tear to my eye when I think of our troops and myself when I was overseas during Christmas. 

15. When do you plan to finish all your shopping?
Like last week! 

Now it's your turn to copy and paste these questions into your own blog post. 
Merry Christmas!!!


Steph said...

Yay for being on top of shopping! Hope you have a stress free xmas and calvin enjoys all his gifts.

Hampers said...

Nice blog. Just gone through your question and found it to be great. I will be posting my set of question very soon.

Sarah D said...

FUN! I'm going to do this one!