Monday, November 9, 2009

Wishing I was getting some ZZZ's!

It's 12:34 A.M. 
I'm awake. 
Spring 2010 registration started at midnight. 
I couldn't sleep, in fear of not getting into my needed classes for graduation. 
I'm not the only one trying to register. 
The system is crawling
I haven't even been able to login, yet! 
It's 12:47... Nothing. 
Brant just facebook'd me. 
He's in the same boat as I am. 
If you're familiar w/ LLC's network at all, you know it's slow. 
I'm sure they don't prepare for this much activity on IRIS. 
But, they should. 
Innocent people are losing sleep. 
I love sleep.  I'm good at it. 
12:51... Nothing but failed attempts to get into the system. 
I've decided that if I'm not in by 1:30 that I should go back to bed. 
1:00... Nothing yet. 
What's taking these pokie people so long to register??? 
PLEASE... please let me in!!! 
I know I won't sleep well unless I get registered! 
In other news, Calvin fell pretty hard tonight. 
He hurt his jaw and cried himself to sleep...
On Chris's lap... because he's Chris's best friend today. 
But, I'm still Mom.
So, I'm sleeping w/ him... because I worry too much. 
He tosses and turns and might as well do cartwheels! 
The kid is nearly impossible to sleep with. 
Ok... I honestly can't imagine that many people on IRIS at 1:04 A.M. to bog the system down. 
I'm starting to wonder if LLC's IRIS server is down from previous traffic. 
Seriously, their network is slow... even on a good day! 
Any millionaires out there that would like to donate a new network infrastructure??? 
It's 1:08... I'm feeling lucky. 
Maybe this time I'll get in! 
Or maybe not. 
It's hopeless. 
I'm not getting registered tonight. 

1:13 A.M. 
Giving up til morning. 
G'Nite Everybody! 


Steph said...

Gee... Thanks for reminding me. I'm sure it will be just as slow for me tomorrow. :(

Dawn said...

That was a really cute post!