Saturday, November 28, 2009

The Gagging Stinch

Thanksgiving night, Chris and I decided to have a romantic dinner alone at Pizza Hut.  (Calvin was at his dad's.)  We were seated amongst the only other two tables with customers.  We ordered our drinks.  Then... IT happened from the booth behind me... 

The worst smelling fart ever! 

Seriously, it was far worse than the worst hog farm plus a skunk. 
Chris said that fart would have cleared out the deer cabin... and that's pretty bad!   
I was gagging! 

As the stink-table laughed and cheered at this monumental-stink-o-rama accomplishment, we contimplated leaving.  Then, the waitress moved us - to the other side of the room at my request.  But the fart spread like the plague.  It lingered and lingered and lingered.  Even when our pizza came, we could barely eat. 

The stink-table kept laughing.  They were jerks.  Smelly, dirty, skid mark jerks.  They stunk up our Thanksgiving dinner. 

Needless to say, we are not in the least bit hungry for our Pizza Hut leftovers. 


Steph said...

Seriously, there are a lot of dumbasses around here.

Bridget said...


Ashley said...

That is sooo wrong!!! How can someone be soo rude?

Dawn said...

That is so gross.