Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Dinner Prayers

At dinner each night we say a mealtime prayer followed by going around the table to pray for something specific.  Then, around the table again to tell God what we're thankful for. 

Calvin's getting pretty good at this mealtime tradition.  He prays for the sick, the poor, the homeless, Grandparents, cousins, for me, for Chris, the deceased, families of deceased, etc.  He puts quite a bit of thought into his prayers.  The last few days he has prayed that Stinky and Stinky Dink don't get eaten by a bear while they're mushroom hunting. 

Wondering who Stinky and Stinky Dink are?  Imaginary friends.  :-) 

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Dawn said...

Perhaps we don't want to know...:0