Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The Cutest Deer Hunter There Ever Has Been

Halloween, 2009
The Deer Hunter

Calvin picked out his own costume this year.  It only seemed fitting that he dress up as a deer hunter.  However, he'll argue that he's a deer hunter everyday - minus the beard. 

I thought it was a lame idea.  Apparently, I didn't know what was cool.  Wednesday, Calvin's class dressed up at school.  While I was there getting Calvin changed I heard at least 5 other kids say they wanted to be deer hunters, too!  Calvin:  the trendsetter.  :-) 


  • I've been waiting to announce the arrival of my niece.  I am hopeful her mommy will post pictures soon.  :-) 
  • Some dyke (I'm assuming she is) made weird noises at me today at school... twice.  Like sexual-animal noises.  Ugh.  She was pretty scary. 
  • My advisor is out of the office the whole week.  Ummm... Spring registration starts at 12:01 Monday morning.  In order to graduate, I need to register asap that morning to get into the needed classes.  I emailed her... but, it would have been nice to know she would be out of town for a conference.  That's LLC for ya. 
  • Going to the TEF Spaghetti Supper tonight.  We get to bring Caleb with us!!!  YAY! 


Steph said...

Calvin was an adorable deer hunter.

What's up with the crazy dyke? Hopefully this harassment does not continue.

Dawn said...

LOVE the beard. That just seals the deal on the costume.

Boo on your counselor.

Ashley said...

I have never ever saw a cuter deer hunter! :)