Friday, October 16, 2009

The Scary Dream

I woke-up at 0620 in a panic and a puddle of sweat.  I had a bad dream. 

There were bad guys that shot lots of people with machine guns.  We ran away.  There was a familiar house, that I'm sure I've dreamt about before with a secret set of rooms with a secret and magical hiding place.  However, when I got to that room this time, for the life of me I couldn't figure out the magical hiding place.  I hid in a cabinet but was caught. 

They let me, Mom, and Calvin live.  Mom went along with their evil plan to make us eventually kill a nice elderly couple down the road that sold apples.  I had a plan to eventually turn them into the cops. 

One of the bad guys looked familiar, but I don't know where I know him from.  The other bad guy was my cousin, Jason A.  I couldn't turn to Jason for help because it was obvious he was loyal to the head bad guy. 

When I confronted the head bad guy about letting me go home temporarily to keep up the image of a normal life so nobody got suspicious he was very calm and agreeing.  It was creepy.  I knew then that I wouldn't leave alive. 

Then, Mom's huband (Clay), my uncle Kevin, and a few others arrived.  The mean guys were welcoming and gave them beer.  But, I knew they'd be dead all too soon.  I wanted to tell them to run away, but I feared the bad guys would kill Calvin if I opened my mouth. 

I woke-up. 

Thank goodness.  But, I was still freaked out.  I even called Chris to tell him about my scary dream.  Soon, Calvin was awake and safely in bed with me and the world was right again. 

Are you a dream interpreter?  If so, what does my dream mean? 


mylifeastina said...

Im sorry to hear about your bad dream...

Can you do me a favor?
Could you please email me? I need to ask you something!


Steph said...

Oh my! No idea but I'm glad the bad guys didn't get you!