Tuesday, October 20, 2009


  • This is Chris's birthday week!!! Thursday is his birthday. I can't wait to give him all of his gifts!
  • Shopping was successful today with Dawn. 
    • I got what I went for and not much else. 
  • Last weekend Chris and I were in Champaign to do some shopping. 
    • We didn't buy one thing. 
      • I am still in shock! 
  • Calvin has a bowling field trip on Thursday.  Needless to say, he's ecstatic. 
  • I am getting around to uploading a month's worth of pix at dropshots
    • I would have had a ton of great shots w/ Gma in them... but she doesn't look at the camera.  We gotta work on that.  ;-) 
  • Last weekend I had the pleasure of shooting the senior pix of 2 beautiful girls. 
    • Their pix turned out amazing. 
  • Yesterday was rough.  I was in a funk and cried a lot. 
    • Some days are just harder than others. 
    • I still miss my Dad so much.  And losing Pickle&Chips seemed so hard yesterday. 
  • This weekend we're heading to Chicago! 
    • Looking forward to some time w/ Bill & Elizabeth. 
  • I'm still waiting for the arrival of our niece... Can't wait! 
  • Calvin wants to know why all of the "stupid drivers" are always out when we are. 


Dawn said...

Had a great time shopping. I planned on buying nothing and came out with several bags! You have a crazy effect on me! ;) But Weldon loved everything.

I can't imagine what you go through. But you know I'm always here.

And tell Calvin the stupid drivers are just always out. They don't know when to go home.

Aubrey said...

I still feel rough some days on losing our little one too. I don't want to tell you it gets easier, because it doesn't. I feel for you.

On another note...I wish Grady got bowling field trips!! I would be the first in line to go with! Hope Calvin has fun!

Steph said...

Hope things get easier for you. At least they are both looking out for you.

Have a great weekend!

Jenny S. said...

Tell Mr. Calvin I hope he has a great time bowling. I saw you two out taking pics in the leaves the other day. I wanted to stop but I was out looking for my brother's lost dog...darn the luck! We found him though! Well hope everything is going great.

Anonymous said...

By the way I was wondering if you have any of your pictures online...I am wanting to set up an appointment and want to see some shots!

Jenny S. said...

Sorry didn't sign my last post. I am wanting to wait till it gets a little nicer...maybe in the spring???

Christina said...

Jenny, By the Spring I will have my website updated with lots of pictures. :-) Looking forward to taking precious Addy's pix!