Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Odds -N- Ends

  • Been through Montrose lately?  What's up w/ the Chuck Wagon?  I've heard the "fair-like" food is good.  However, I drive by roughly 6-8 times a week (route to school) and rarely see anyone there.  Do people really stop by? 
    • And their kiosk that sells things like rebel flags, do people buy that stuff? 
      • Clearly there is a market I'm unaware of. 
  • Are you a gift giver?  You either are or you aren't - and usually there's nothing wrong with not going all out.  Some people are great gift givers that put time and thought into every gift... that's me.  I take pride in my gifts.  The best part is seeing the smile on the recipient's face when they open it. 
    • My question to you is this:  Do you give as much to non-givers as you give to fellow givers? 
    • I'd never thought about this til recently when others couldn't cough up under $10 to go in on a special gift with me.  They didn't really get the full gist and it honestly upset me a bit.  I would probably not put them in the gift giver category. 
      • It got me wondering if I'd give them special gifts like this in the future or if I'd give lame-o gift cards or nothing at all. 
      • BTW, the person I got the gift for is also a gift giver and very generous.  And I know this person would do the same for us. 
  • Have you started shopping for Christmas, yet? 
    • I haven't.  And I won't until the day after Thanksgiving.  It's my tradition.  To me, it's not Christmas shopping w/o bumper carts, a headache, and a daquiri at Red Lobster mid-day.  :-) 
  • My sister, Tiffany is a Junior at THS.  Sunday was Ring Day!  I wonder if hers was as memorable as mine.  Good times with good friends! 
  • Calvin and I watched The Wizard of Oz Sunday night.  He now says, "Follow the yellow brick road" all of the time.  It's getting annoying. 
  • Next week is Super Studly Husband's Birthday Week!  I started shopping today!  He's gonna have a good birthday. 
  • Dina is dying.  (my computer)
    • She turns herself off whenever she pleases... yesterday 5 times! 
      • She strategically plans to turn off when I'm in the middle of a project or work.  I hate to admit that her war tactics are helping her advance to winning the war against my sanity. 
        • However, ultimately I will conquer when I replace her sassy ass with a new computer!  HA! 


Steph said...

I have seen that stand in montrose. Never actually seen any custoers there but it confused me as well. I mean montrose isn't really that happening of a place.

Dawn said...

I don't get rebel flags. And it's definitely more fun to shop for a fellow gift-giver that is a non-one. And I haven't started Christmas shopping for myself yet, but with my mom (she always starts early). And I love that you called your computer "sassy ass".