Thursday, October 15, 2009

M.K.W.A.: The Story Of My Birth

This week, Mama Kat's prompts are about mom's and birth stories.  I always find humor in mine.  Enjoy.   

February 6, 1982 my parents, Doug & Karla, went to a wedding... just so happens that it was Bridget's parents' wedding.  To answer your question, yes this is the same Bridget that performs miracles with my hair. 

Back to my story.  Mom was seriously prego - like ready to pop.  Dad must have known I'd be arriving very soon and decided to party really hard at the wedding reception.  To say the least, Dad got drunk. 

They got home.  Dad passed out.  And Mom's water broke.  Good timing, right?  ;-) 

She couldn't get Dad to wake-up completely.  So, she called my Grandma Betty (Dad's mom).  Grandma rushed over, driving through the blizzard... did I mention there was a blizzard?  Anyway, she haulled Mom and Dad back to her house to give Dad some time to sober up before going to the hospital. 

Finally, when the time came... and Dad was a little more sober... they went to the Hospital.  Dad always wanted to name me Josephine after my Grandpa Joe.  Mom wanted to name me Dahnika.  Since Dad wasn't in the best shape at the hospital, Mom had the opportunity to name me whatever she wanted.  She decided to compromise and name me Christina.  Everyone was happy. 

That is my birth story.  What's yours?  Visit Mama Kat to get your prompt. 


Aubrey said...

My mom and dad were supposed to go to a football game on a Friday night. They were going to have a roast and potatoes and carrots for supper. They didn't get either. Just me!

Steph said...

Hehe... My dad out drinking when my mom went into labor with my brother.

Chris said...

I'm glad your Dad was drunk and your Mom compromised so you would become my Christina.

Aubrey said...

awww...your hubby is so sweet ;)

Christina said...

Chris, you know when you say sweet things like that, I have to come back with a faux vomit noise! All that romance makes me throw-up! ;-) Love you!

Bridget said...

Okay so how come I have Never heard this story!? I had no idea your parents were at my parents wedding! There was a blizzard that day I remember Mom telling me that! No wonder we have always been friends we meet in our Mommies wombs before we were even born!lol..