Friday, October 2, 2009

McD Complaint

Have you ever ordered a Fish Fillet at McDonald's?
Asked for cheese on it?
Well, I have. And I have a complaint. 1/2 of a piece of cheese??? C'mon! I didn't ask for half my sandwich w/ cheese and the other without. It's weird... and it's cheap on their part. I think they charge $0.30 to add cheese... and all I get is half of a piece?!?

There ya go... my daily complaint.


Ashley said...

That kinda stuff really cuts me. Here I am trying to squeeze every last penny out of a dollar, and I order supper from the cafeteria at the college last night, and my "bacon cheeseburger" had 1 piece of bacon on it. 1 piece of bacon? Really GRRRRRRRR

Dawn said...

It cracks me up when I ask for pickles and they give me one measly little thing. Seriously? But when I ask for catsup they douse they tar out of it making it almost inedible.