Thursday, October 22, 2009

"Happy birthday toooo Daa'aad!"

The first words out of Calvin's mouth this morning were, "Happy birthday toooo Daaad!" 

Today was Chris's 28th birthday. It started with presents and blueberry pancakes. Followed by a mid-afternoon nap, playing with the leaf blower, and dinner where the cowboys eat (Lonestar). Although he also had to work a little (including fixing my car), I hope he still enjoyed ever minute of his special day.

Calvin making Chris's red velvet birthday cake. 
We added orange and blue gels to the icing and sprinkles on top to make the cake extra special.  :-)

Chris, words cannot express how happy you make me each day.  So today, as we celebrated your birthday, I felt like I was the one getting the biggest gift of all... you. 


Chris said...

Thank you for a perfect birthday! You guys were awesome and the gifts are perfect.

Lindsay said...

Happy Birthday to Chris!!!

Dawn said...

Aw! So sweet!

And here I didn't think you did mushy ;)