Sunday, October 18, 2009

Guns and Racism... My kid?

I had an interesting encounter with a woman this weekend.  I'm going to start out by saying that at this point I'm pms-ing and probably overreacting, but I'm angry.  And was so angry last night that I had to bite my tongue to keep from lashing out at her. 

You guys know all about Calvin.  He's my 4 year old hunter of all things that move.  From rhino's in Africa to deer to birds - he wants to shoot 'em.  Let me give you a little background.  I previously was against him having guns.  But, after trying to fight it for so long and watching him use anything imaginable like clothes hangers as guns, we caved in last Christmas.  We have a strict 'no shooting people' policy.  He knows the rule and for the most part, he sticks to it. 

Back to my story.  We were at someone's house for a party.  I packed a few toys including a toy pistol for Calvin.  I was upset to find out another mother took Calvin's gun away because her son wanted to play with it.  She overheard Calvin tell me about it so she explained that she's anti-guns (they are very liberal) and didn't want her son playing with it.  My point is:  Does that make it right to punish my son?!?  If she had a problem with her son playing with the guns, she should have handled it with her son - not mine.  I don't feel like we're close enough for her to take something away from Calvin. 

As if that wasn't bad enough, she did it AGAIN!  Seriously... I was pissed to say the least. 

It gets worse. 
Somehow poop stories always get brought up.  I told Calvin's funny poop story about how he says, "I pooped my brains out" and how he used to say, "I pooped out Baby Brother!"  And then about the time he said, "I pooped out Obama" followed by, "I flushed him down the toilet." 

She had the audacity to tell me not to say that because it's racist.  She went on and on.  I could practically feel the steam escaping through my ears.  Did she just call my son a racist?!?  Did she really just call my son racist?!?  I about came unglued.  I wanted to slap her silly for being so ignorant.  Ignorance truly is the best word I can think of to use in this situation.  I don't believe that just because we are white that we have to watch every single thing we say in fear of another race taking it the wrong way.  If it is innocent and we didn't mean it to be racist then it's not.  Period. 

You never mess with Mama Hen... I get defensive the second anyone says anything bad about Calvin.  This crossed the line.  He's 4.  He knows nothing of racism.  He once described a boy in his class as 'brown' because that was a good adgective.  He would never say anything hurtful about anyone. 

If you know me... you know I always have something to say.  To explain how incredibly angry I was last night... I said little to nothing at all.  I will probably completely avoid this person in the future because of her inconsiderate actions towards my son. 

If he enjoys pretending to hunt with toy guns and once pooped out an Obama, should he be crucified or is that good old fashion imagination? 


Lindsay said...

Calvin has a great imagination. That lady had no right to punish Calvin. I look forward to Calvin stories. btw the i pooped obama story is hilarious ;-)

Christina said...

Another point: Anyone that would get offended by a 3 year old's innocent comment, must be pretty darn insecure. Adults should not blame their insecurities on a child. Totally not his fault.

Christina said...

To clarify: The lady never used the exact words that Calvin was racist. She made it clear that he shouldn't say those things because people would be offended and consider it racist.

Billi Lou said...

Calvin is 3 years old and one of the sweetest ones I know. Period.

Dawn said...

People see racism where they want to see it. Sometimes it's there. Sometimes it's not. Calvin is 4. He has an imagination. Again, he's 4. Let him be 4. At the very least, the mother could have pulled you aside and let you know how she felt about guns and the Obama comment. She shouldn't have said anything in front of a crowd. Besides, Calvin is the sweetest and most well-behaved 4 year old boy I know.

Steph said...

I don't see anything wrong with your poop jokes. What if he pooped George Bush? Is that racist too? As far as the guns, it seems that you hit the nail on the head with the not shooting people thing.

I am still trying to figure out why this woman thinks she is so high and mighty.

mylifeastina said...

I completely agree with Steph! I let Hunter shoot "things" / "animals" but never ppl. Also, Poop is just a funny subject altogether. Tell the lady to get a grip!

Ed said...

I think you need to invite her to the range. :-)

Wendy said...

I think you did better than I would do. You know, in no uncertain terms, I would have told this person exactly what was on my mind at that moment.

Your right, You don't mess w/ Mother Hen unless you can handle the rath that comes w/ it!

Good job on keeping you cool. Calvin is a wonderful, respectful, and very well behaved little man and you have NOTHING to worry about! The other lady needs to grow up a little bit and see the world doesn't revolve around her thoughts!!!! Hopefully her child won't live in a bubble for the rest of its life!