Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Writings on my back

Today in Interpersonal Communications, we did an exercise where everyone taped a piece of paper on their back and all of the students wrote 1 thing/phrase to describe what they thought of the person.

As we were getting started, I jokingly said, "Write nice things about me. I'm not a fan of constructive criticism!" Later, on the drive home I thought about that line. Ever heard the phrase, "There's some truth in every joke?" Well, that was never so true as today. I hope my classmates said nice things about me!


Dawn said...

I don't do criticism either. But I'm working on it. Let us all know what they said.

Anonymous said...

. . . did you not get to read or see what they wrote?? or will you get to see it in your next class meeting?? let us know how it went