Thursday, September 3, 2009

A negative calorie cookie theory! I'm a freaking GENIUS!

Monday Calvin and I made my famous chocolate chip cookies - ya know the ones with the pudding in them to keep them soft for months. I have to give Carolyn credit for introducing me to this delicious recipe years ago. All gazillion calories were scrumptous!

I ate a few... okay... like a half dozen on Monday.

Then... my tummy rumbled and I made a mad dash for the loo.

Same thing happened Tuesday, Wednesday, and today.

It's obvious that it's the cookies.

So... my new theory is: Eating my delicious homemade chocolate chip cookies will result in a positive response from your tastebuds, cardio work-out from the mad dash, a colon cleanse to say the least, and ultimately - by my skewed calculations - amount to negative calories.

Just call them celery with an added flair! :-)


Aubrey said...

Sounds like you are a genius! Some people may think that plan has flaws, but totally worth it in my opinion!

Dawn said...

OHMYGAWD! I'm so laughing right now. Definitely skewed calculations. And I don't think I've had those cookies yet. Is it okay that I'm nervous about it now?

Wendy said...

You are funny C. I think your silly! I think I've eaten most (ok all of them) of the cookies and Blueberry and I love them and I haven't yet had that mad dash. Thank you so much for bringing them by they been a very nutritional snack for me.