Tuesday, September 15, 2009

"Hey Jackass..."

Dear Jackass,
You are a complete dumbass for trying to pass 3 trucks at one time! If I wouldn't have slammed on my breaks to avoid the head on collision, you'd likely be road kill right about now. You better count your lucky stars that I saved your life today!

Driver you nearly had a head-on collision with today.

Dear Wal-Mart Employee Jackass,
Watch where the heck you're going! You came 2 inches from running my son over with a flat panel t.v. on your flat bed cart at the entrance of Wal-Mart today. The customer you were taking care of noticed and kindly apologized. You walked right on by. You're a jackass! Then, when I caught up with you by the door greeter and called you out - you acted like a bigger jackass! How dare you look at MY son like it was HIS fault for YOUR stupidity!!! I wanted to.... Ugh... kick you in the shins or give you a titty twister or something really mean like that! I was pissed! By the way, Todd (I think that was his actual name), you are freaking ugly! You're so ugly you think you have to go to the gym to bulk up to get women. And still you look like a fat ass hog! You disgust me!
Consider this your warning! I'm a crazy-ass mom... and next time I might not let you get away so easily!

Crazy-ass Mom that wants to whoop your ass!

Ladies and Gents in the area - if you are at the Effingham Wal-Mart and come across this jerk, Todd, I kindly ask that you please step on his toes or run into him with your cart! Thank-you.


Aubrey said...

I can do you one better....I know where he lives! Want to got tp his yard? And you're right, he is ugly!

Steph said...

Todd better hope I don't see him.

Dawn said...

I can't stop laughing right now. So sorry Calvin almost got hit but I will keep a look out for Todd. Crazy ass moms unite.

Wendy said...

My 10 yr old son has more common curtisy and common sense than some Walmart employees. About 2 months ago Caleb and I had some shopping to do and as we were walking up to the doorway this Walmart employee (older lady w/ long gray hair) was pushing a cart toward the door. As she got to the crossway to go into the door she just left the cart sit there. Without looking back the cart started rolling to another vehicle and if it wasn't for Caleb's quick little legs some innocent customer would have had a door ding because of one of there own employees.

That worst part is Caleb and I went to the customer service desk and asked the lady if they pay for any shopping cart dings on a customers vehicle and she very quickly responded no I'm sorry, that the CUSTOMERS responsibility. Then I asked w/ a rather large grin on my face, "oh really, even when it's because of one of your employees laziness." Then she became very apologetic and said she would talk to this lady. She thought she knew who I was talking about and it wasn't the 1st time for incidences w/ her.

Like I said Stupid People!!!

Amber M said...

Now when I go there, I am going to look for guys named Todd just to see who you guys are talking about. I'm so sorry that happened to Calvin. I'm glad he is okay.

Bobbi said...

Hey crazy-ass MOM who wants to kick-ass. You go girl!!!!!!!I'm glad Calvin wasn't hurt.

Love you,

Grandma Bobbi