Monday, August 17, 2009

Your vote can decide my new look!

I'm getting glasses.  Since my new glasses will be an everyday accessory to my look, I want some input - other than my darling husband's.  Thanks babe, you've been a good sport today!  Now it's time to hear from the girls.  :) 

I understand they're all pretty similar, but I'm sure you will find some differences and pick a favorite.  There is one pair that sticks out to me, but they are by far the most expensive, and I'm just not sure if the glasses are worth the price tag.  I'm curious if that pair is the favorite of everyone else.

Thanks for your help! 

Glasses 1

Glasses 2

Glasses 3

Glasses 4

Vote above at the poll.  Poll closes Tuesday at 5:00 p.m. cst. 
THANKS!!!  :-) 


C said...

Number 1 is my fav. (And I look at people in glassed all day at work!)
Number 3 is a close second.

Bridget said...

I voted for #1 but I also like # 4

Anonymous said...

i like 2
hey if u like the more expencive glasses get them u are going to have look at them and wear them every day. tony get glasses every 5 years or so so i tell him to divide the cost by that then the seem like they r not take costly. good luck
rachel meinhart

Lindsay said...

number 1 is my fav and 4 comes in as a close 2nd but you look no matter what :)

Ann said...

I love #1 but 4 is a close 2nd!! :)

Dawn said...

Can I come by tomorrow and vote?

Anonymous said...

I vote for pair number 1! I know they might be a little more costly, but you will wear them daily. They are the required accessory so they should be FABULOUS! You wouldn't skimp on a purse or shoes... so why on the glasses? Just sayin....that was my philosophy!


Amanda said...

I like number 4, but they all look great on you!

mylifeastina said...

My vote is for number 4!

Mrs R said...

I like number 4. Maybe its cause you look the happiest in those.

Wendy said...

I liked both 1 & 4 also but I think 1 frames your face better. Let's face it though you make all 4look good!

Christina said...

According to Calvin, "These are all too ugly."