Monday, August 24, 2009

You... You really had the balls to roll your eyes at ME?!?



Check-out line.

Put most of my bags in my cart as she checked me out.

She finished.

I paid.

I proceeded to put rest of groceries in cart because she never bothered.


Then, I saw the last bag: bread AND frozen pizza!!!

With a flick of my wrist, a yanked down another bag for my bread.

She glared at me then rolled her eyes.



She's the dumbass that put my soft bread in the same bag as hard frozen pizza!

I'm no professional checker-outter. But, I am a semi-professional shopper who has learned the bagging tricks of the trade. She isn't the first Wal-Mart checker-outter to flub up the bread bagging. Every checker-outter should know that bread gets its own bag --- or goes with other soft items such as potato chips. Wal-Mart needs to impliment bagging training immediately!


Chris said...

At least it wasn't the guy that makes comments about every item he scans. LOL

Major Mom said...

I tried to bring my own bags to our local Super Walmart recently, and with that plastic bag carousel, I seriously annoyed our cashier when I presented my stack of reuseable bags. Lots of sighing and exaggerated movements as she shoehorned my bags onto the plastic bag metal holders.

WTF? I mean, doesn't Walmart dedicate ENTIRE COMMERICALS to bringing your own bags to shop?

Our local commissary is great about us bringing our own bags, and if it weren't for our commissary being closed on Mondays, I'd never have to use Walmart.

Bridget said...

OMG! I have had both cashiers that Chris and Major Mom are talking about. While we are training them to not bag our bread with our pizza maybe they could teach them how to crack a smile too!