Tuesday, August 18, 2009

With 53% of the votes, Glasses #1 won!

Glasses #1 won the poll!

These were the ones I was leaning towards getting. Calvin agreed these were his favorite, too. These glasses are very similar to #3, but $125 cheaper! Surprisingly, Mark was the only one to vote for the expensive Juicy Couture glasses, #3. He must have expensive taste!

Thanks to all who voted. I will definitely take all comments into consideration. Dawn is coming over to vote on Wednesday. Ultimately, I will decide after Thursday's cut and color with Bridget at The French Quarter.

It's hard to believe that after about 10 years without any glasses, I'm going to be wearing them again. The USAF always told me my vision was perfect. A couple years ago I went to Wal-Mart's eye doctor because my eyes were bothering me, but he found nothing - infact, he said my eyes were better than perfect - whatever that means. Well, after this week's appointment at Drs. Sehy & Jones in Effingham, it was determined that my eyes have been compensating for what they lack and that's why my left eye has been feeling so strained lately. The doc admitted that previous doctors would probably have known if they would have done a more thorough exam including dilating my eyes. Anyway, no need complaining about the past. I'm just relieved that the doc figured out the problem. Unfortunately, with my allergies, contacts aren't really an option --- at least not from April - September when my allergies are the worst. So, get used to seeing me in my new glasses. :-)

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Dawn said...

Sorry girl, was busy with Daelyn's first day at K. Call me when you can. I'm free tomorrow after Daelyn goes in the AM. Gulp. And again after I pick her up.