Tuesday, August 25, 2009


I am capable of getting out of bed at 0631!
I survived!
First day of Fall Semester went well. Got some great guidance from an instructor. Dropped film appreciation. Picked up Principles of E-Commerce. I feel good about the switch. Got to see my Aunt Dawn on campus, too! I have a positive outlook on this semester. I think it's finally happening... our bad luck is ending... good things are in store for the O family! :-)


Dawn said...

Love the outlook. And who would have thought that you and I both would be getting up at 6:30. Especially considering neither of us "work" outside the home.

Aubrey said...

Hope that some of that good karma comes the Bergbower way too!

Major Mom said...

I hate getting up that early too -- I WAY overslept this morning and had about 25 minutes to get the boys dressed, brushed, breakfasted and packed w/ lunches before school. Yikes!

Wendy said...

Great way to look at your future C!!! I hope everything turns around for the best because dog-gone-it, YOU DESERVE IT!!!!