Thursday, August 20, 2009

The. Scale.

Aunt Dawn's scale stopped working.  I always weighed myself at her house, so I wouldn't get obsessed with a scale at home.  Since hers quit, I bucked up and bought myself my very own scale... to share w/ Chris and Calvin.  I've had it since yesterday afternoon and have only weighed myself 3 times.  Unfortunately, this scale appears to actually work correctly, unlike Aunt Dawn's which would read three different weights within 30 seconds.  Mine weighs high - really high...  :-( 

Anyway, I'm not obsessed with the number.  I'm glad to have a scale so I can track my progress.  See, I never completely lost all of my baby weight from Calvin.  Then, with Pickle&Chips, I gained a few pounds - not sure if the pounds were from being prego, or the stress I was under.  No matter, I packed on a few pounds.  It's time to lose the weight.  I've been jogging and working out a lot more.  It feels good.  Now that I have a scale, I will be able to better track my weight-loss. 


C said...

No! Scales are evil! Evil, I tell you! (I regularly get *this close* to buying one myself... But I know better than to give in.) Just watch it, Tink. Make a rule and stick to it. Once a week is "monitoring,' but three times a day is 'obsessing' any way you slice it.

Dawn said...

Ok girl. Back. Away. From. The. Scale. Once a day tops. Preferably, once a week. Or, I'll take the scale and monitor you getting on it. Besides, you're gorgeous with a body anyone would die for.

Wendy said...

I think you look fantastic C. Everyone should try to eat healthy and excercise to maintain good health. But I agree w/ Dawn all the way......BE CAREFUL!!!!

Christina said...

Okay girls! Point taken! I'm not obsessed - honestly just couldn't believe the number the scale read out. It's much much much higher than I've ever been. Well, I did some investigating - apparently the bc the doc put me on after the d&c causes significant weight gain - as well as a half dozen other side effects I'm dealing with. After a talk w/ the nurse today, my side effects out weigh the benefits - I'm getting off it.

So, there you have it - problem some what solved. Thanks for your concern. I'm okay and not obsessed. When I tell you I'm running 10 miles and doing 500+ sit-ups a day you can get concerned. :)

Mommynightowl said...

I stepped on the scale the other day and was just happy I had been at the very least maintaining my weight. I only lost 3/4 of the weight from Jaqlyn, and she is almost 3. Plus I'd been a little larger before I got pregnant.

This week I started P90X and have been so hungry all the time. I look at these woman in the tapes and they can pump out like 30 push ups, I can't even do 5, on my knees.

Here's to getting stronger and healthier. <--I like to put it this way, instead of heres to losing the 30-40 pounds I need to.

Mommynightowl said...

And the way I see it, stepping on the scale 3 times a day is only bad is when you get a higher number it keeps you from eating the rest of the day.

We have a scale that needs to be "warmed" up and you have to step on it a couple of times before it gives the proper readout.