Monday, August 24, 2009

Dreading the new schedule

I've never denied my dislike for the A.M. hours prior to 0900. I'm not a morning person to say the least. I'm a nightowl that wishes she could be a morning person. I've tried to motivate myself - but in the end, the comforts of my warm bed have out-weighed the benefits of getting up.

Most of the good classes for me are in the mornings. So, I registered Calvin for A.M. pre-k. Both of us will start school promptly at 0800. That's one whole hour before I like anyone to speak to me. You could call me Oscar The Grouch in the mornings!

I'm dreading the new schedule. Calvin and I have become accustomed to sleeping in until after 0800 followed by our much needed wake-up time laying in bed watching cartoons. Yes, I know... many of you are reading this thinking I live the life! I know I'm a very lucky lady! Due to a couple semesters of laxed class schedules that never started before 0900 and 2 Summers of staying home taking only online courses, we have no schedule. This is a huge change from the woman I once was that operated like clock work. I kind of miss that girl...

Tomorrow is my first day of Fall semester. The thought of my 0630 alarm makes me cringe. Getting Calvin up, feeding him an actual breakfast, and getting us both ready for our day... what most women do every single day... seems so foreign to me. I'm sure within a few days we'll be on our new schedule that includes a bedtime for Calvin.

Since we're implementing a new schedule, now seems the best time to address my need for time alone to get work done. Working while Calvin's home is nearly impossible. Therefor, I am working on setting up a weekly schedule where he will be away 2 afternoons a week.

Tomorrow morning as you're flying through your morning routine as usual, say an extra prayer that I survive the pre-0900 hours... or rather that the other students survive. ;-)

Bring on the Mtn Dew!


Lindsay said...

wishing you luck Christina but i know you can do it. its just a wee earlier than that nasty biology class :)i will be thinking of you in the AM

Mrs R said...

Best of Luck!!! I don't wanna go back to school. :( Just one more week off. You have any fun classes this semester?

Dawn said...

It's really not so bad. Trust me. And I hate mornings. The first few days of getting up early suck balls though.

Bridget said...

I will say an extra prayer for you because I also hate early mornings. Good luck I cant wait to hear about it.