Monday, August 31, 2009

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The 1st Day of the next 15 years of school...

Today was a very big day for Calvin. It was his very 1st day of pre-k. 2 years of pre-k + 1 year of Kindergarten + 12 years of school = 15 years... this was the first day of the next 15 years at T-Town school. Of course he was styln' in Tommy Hilfiger and new Nike Shox. :-) He is in Mrs. Bierman's class. He absolutely adores her. Lucky for me, she's my cousin and I can trust that she will take very good care of Calvin.

I took him to his classroom today. Isn't that like a requirement for Mom's? :-) At first glimpse of his classroom and new classmates, he was overwhelmed. After getting him settled, I headed out... trying not to tear up.

Aaron (Calvin's dad) came over to greet Calvin when he got off the school bus. Calvin's extra lucky because Caleb's grandma is the aid on Calvin's bus! We have a close family and do lots of stuff with Lisa and Gary. They've become a part of our family. She waved like a proud grandma as Calvin got off the bus.

Like planned, Calvin took me on a date to Pizza Man for lunch to celebrate his 1st day of school. Unfortunately, it was not the celebration I had anticipated. Instead, he confessed that he did not like school, that he made no friends, and some boys wouldn't let him go to the bathroom. He said the best part of school was the bus ride and that was so much fun that he wants to return to school tomorrow.

I'm a little bummed. Calvin is a likeable kid. Everybody that meets Calvin loves him. He is generous, intelligent, funny, and has a great big heart. He doesn't understand that other 4 year olds aren't just like him - that some of them misbehave more often than he does. I'm a tough mom - seriously. I'm hard on him, set high expectations, and I follow through on punishments. Anyway, my point is that today he didn't meet a new bff. He's worried that he won't make any friends. I am sure it was just the first day jitters. Tomorrow will be a better day. And, I'm almost 100% sure that by Friday he will love school and have lots of new friends!

Friday, August 28, 2009

I'm feeling generous... and want to give YOU something!

I feel like I'm at the starting line of a new beginning. With my new found positive outlook on the future, I've gained a sense of generosity. Okay, truth be told, I love making new blog designs and desperately want this one to find a new home. Thus a GIVEAWAY!

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Tuesday, August 25, 2009


I am capable of getting out of bed at 0631!
I survived!
First day of Fall Semester went well. Got some great guidance from an instructor. Dropped film appreciation. Picked up Principles of E-Commerce. I feel good about the switch. Got to see my Aunt Dawn on campus, too! I have a positive outlook on this semester. I think it's finally happening... our bad luck is ending... good things are in store for the O family! :-)

Monday, August 24, 2009

You... You really had the balls to roll your eyes at ME?!?



Check-out line.

Put most of my bags in my cart as she checked me out.

She finished.

I paid.

I proceeded to put rest of groceries in cart because she never bothered.


Then, I saw the last bag: bread AND frozen pizza!!!

With a flick of my wrist, a yanked down another bag for my bread.

She glared at me then rolled her eyes.



She's the dumbass that put my soft bread in the same bag as hard frozen pizza!

I'm no professional checker-outter. But, I am a semi-professional shopper who has learned the bagging tricks of the trade. She isn't the first Wal-Mart checker-outter to flub up the bread bagging. Every checker-outter should know that bread gets its own bag --- or goes with other soft items such as potato chips. Wal-Mart needs to impliment bagging training immediately!

Dreading the new schedule

I've never denied my dislike for the A.M. hours prior to 0900. I'm not a morning person to say the least. I'm a nightowl that wishes she could be a morning person. I've tried to motivate myself - but in the end, the comforts of my warm bed have out-weighed the benefits of getting up.

Most of the good classes for me are in the mornings. So, I registered Calvin for A.M. pre-k. Both of us will start school promptly at 0800. That's one whole hour before I like anyone to speak to me. You could call me Oscar The Grouch in the mornings!

I'm dreading the new schedule. Calvin and I have become accustomed to sleeping in until after 0800 followed by our much needed wake-up time laying in bed watching cartoons. Yes, I know... many of you are reading this thinking I live the life! I know I'm a very lucky lady! Due to a couple semesters of laxed class schedules that never started before 0900 and 2 Summers of staying home taking only online courses, we have no schedule. This is a huge change from the woman I once was that operated like clock work. I kind of miss that girl...

Tomorrow is my first day of Fall semester. The thought of my 0630 alarm makes me cringe. Getting Calvin up, feeding him an actual breakfast, and getting us both ready for our day... what most women do every single day... seems so foreign to me. I'm sure within a few days we'll be on our new schedule that includes a bedtime for Calvin.

Since we're implementing a new schedule, now seems the best time to address my need for time alone to get work done. Working while Calvin's home is nearly impossible. Therefor, I am working on setting up a weekly schedule where he will be away 2 afternoons a week.

Tomorrow morning as you're flying through your morning routine as usual, say an extra prayer that I survive the pre-0900 hours... or rather that the other students survive. ;-)

Bring on the Mtn Dew!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

The Deer Cake Post

I apologize to those who have been waiting to see a picture of the deer cake.

Calvin's birthday party/our housewarming party was a complete hit.  :-)  Tons of our friends and family were here to celebrate.  Calvin got entirely too many gifts.  The kids loved the water slide.  The cake was perfect.  And, the food was a hit.  :) 

Thursday, August 20, 2009

The. Scale.

Aunt Dawn's scale stopped working.  I always weighed myself at her house, so I wouldn't get obsessed with a scale at home.  Since hers quit, I bucked up and bought myself my very own scale... to share w/ Chris and Calvin.  I've had it since yesterday afternoon and have only weighed myself 3 times.  Unfortunately, this scale appears to actually work correctly, unlike Aunt Dawn's which would read three different weights within 30 seconds.  Mine weighs high - really high...  :-( 

Anyway, I'm not obsessed with the number.  I'm glad to have a scale so I can track my progress.  See, I never completely lost all of my baby weight from Calvin.  Then, with Pickle&Chips, I gained a few pounds - not sure if the pounds were from being prego, or the stress I was under.  No matter, I packed on a few pounds.  It's time to lose the weight.  I've been jogging and working out a lot more.  It feels good.  Now that I have a scale, I will be able to better track my weight-loss. 

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

With 53% of the votes, Glasses #1 won!

Glasses #1 won the poll!

These were the ones I was leaning towards getting. Calvin agreed these were his favorite, too. These glasses are very similar to #3, but $125 cheaper! Surprisingly, Mark was the only one to vote for the expensive Juicy Couture glasses, #3. He must have expensive taste!

Thanks to all who voted. I will definitely take all comments into consideration. Dawn is coming over to vote on Wednesday. Ultimately, I will decide after Thursday's cut and color with Bridget at The French Quarter.

It's hard to believe that after about 10 years without any glasses, I'm going to be wearing them again. The USAF always told me my vision was perfect. A couple years ago I went to Wal-Mart's eye doctor because my eyes were bothering me, but he found nothing - infact, he said my eyes were better than perfect - whatever that means. Well, after this week's appointment at Drs. Sehy & Jones in Effingham, it was determined that my eyes have been compensating for what they lack and that's why my left eye has been feeling so strained lately. The doc admitted that previous doctors would probably have known if they would have done a more thorough exam including dilating my eyes. Anyway, no need complaining about the past. I'm just relieved that the doc figured out the problem. Unfortunately, with my allergies, contacts aren't really an option --- at least not from April - September when my allergies are the worst. So, get used to seeing me in my new glasses. :-)

Monday, August 17, 2009

Your vote can decide my new look!

I'm getting glasses.  Since my new glasses will be an everyday accessory to my look, I want some input - other than my darling husband's.  Thanks babe, you've been a good sport today!  Now it's time to hear from the girls.  :) 

I understand they're all pretty similar, but I'm sure you will find some differences and pick a favorite.  There is one pair that sticks out to me, but they are by far the most expensive, and I'm just not sure if the glasses are worth the price tag.  I'm curious if that pair is the favorite of everyone else.

Thanks for your help! 

Glasses 1

Glasses 2

Glasses 3

Glasses 4

Vote above at the poll.  Poll closes Tuesday at 5:00 p.m. cst. 
THANKS!!!  :-) 

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Calvin's Big Huntin' 4th Birthday :)

Today, my precious baby boy turned 4.  I don't think I'm supposed to call him a baby anymore, although to me, he always will be.  :)  I'm full of emotions happy, sad, and everything inbetween today.  I wish I could put it all into words, but just can't. 
It's safe to say that Calvin had a TERRIFIC 4th birthday!  :)  It started at midnight.  Yup, we stayed up just to start the celebration early.  At exactly 12:00 a.m. I sang Happy Birthday to him.  Then, I told him he was getting to be an old man and had gray hair!  He thought I was serious and darted off to the bathroom to inspect.  He returned, telling me that he did not have gray hair, but he was much bigger now and that he could do much bigger things now that he is 4.  :)  Seconds before he fell asleep, he told me he was going to wake-up happy because it was his birthday.  I knew then that we would have a fantastic day. 

Calvin woke-up to find a heaping pile of presents.  He was thankful for everything he got, but mostly excited about his new bow and arrow!  Then, just when he thought there were no more gifts we surprised him with one more...

An 8 point white tail buck!!! 

He was soooo excited to have a deer to shoot! 

After shooting the deer at least 2 dozen times, we headed to the Kountry Kitchen to have breakfast with some friends and family, including one of Calvin's besties, Kole, Mimi, Grandma and Grandpa G, Amber, and Chad & Lori.  His pancake even came with a candle!  We sang happy birthday to him.  He love all the attention!  :) 

After hours of hunting with Kole, a long nap, and ice cream at Homewood Grill with Kole, it was time for Calvin's birthday dinner at Buffalo Wild Wings - his choice.  The waitress was awesome and even made a special birthday announcement for Calvin.  He got birthday ice cream, too!  Yum! 

What better way for an outdoorsy 4 year old to end his birthday than...

A campout with his super cool dad and Kole!!! 

Yes, right now as I type this, Chris is probably trying to get the boys to calm down and get some sleep.  They're camping outside in Tommy's tent.  Calvin and Kole were sooo excited about the campout! 

Calvin, I hope you had a terrific 4th birthday.  You have given me four wonderful years full of memories that I will cherish the rest of my life.  You are one of a kind and I know that with your attitude and big heart, you will do great things with your life.  I look forward to the years ahead.  As you grow older, and leave for preschool in a couple weeks, don't forget about your mom.  I'll always be your friend, your cheerleader, and your rock.  Thank-you for being the little boy that I can always count on for a smile, that shows how to live by example, and the little boy that makes me very proud to call you my son.


Sunday, August 9, 2009

Vacations can be so much fun, but coming home can feel oh so good!

We're home!

O family Branson vacation was great! I can't speak for everyone on the trip, but Chris, Calvin, and I had a FANTASTIC time! We really enjoyed Branson - from the swimming - to the go-kart racing - to the boating - to the beautiful Branson landing. Everything was enjoyed with the O family. Lots of memories made. :-) Special thanks to Mom & Dad O for the vacation. You guys rock - there's just no other way to put it!

My pix are here. Enjoy!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Calvin's Birthday Cake Request

Calvin asked for a deer on his birthday cake.  I insisted that he'd rather have something else on it... a deer?!?  Finally, I got it through my thick head that this is his birthday cake, not mine.  He is a little hunter that shoots anything real or imaginary in our backyard - or Africa - or when he's in the Army.  He and his friends have quite the imaginations.  :-)  So, the deer fits Calvin and it's sure to be a hit w/ his besties. 

I just got off the phone with Mary Niccum.  She chuckled a little at the deer request, but gladly agreed to do it.  I just hope she gives the deer a big rack! 

Monday, August 3, 2009

I'm sooo totally screwed

Just got an email from one of my online instructors. I completely forgot to schedule a test for last week. I overlooked it on the schedule. I never took it because I didn't know a test even existed. I am so angry with myself right now. My grade is totally f'd! I am soooo totally screwed!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

A Yummy Treat

Tried these yet???
Why not? 
Are you crazy? 
Don't you love M&M's, cookies, and ice cream
Don't you think this is the perfect combination? 
Why are you still reading this??? 
Get off your tush and buy some! 

No, I'm not being paid for this post.  ;)  Just wanted to tell the world that M&M ice cream sandwiches are mouthwatering good! 

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Dreaming Harry Potter

We just finished up a week long Harry Potter Marathon to prepare Chris for the Half Blood Prince that we went to see last night.  He hadn't seen any of the Harry Potter movies!  Crazy!  ;-) 

I've been dreaming that I am Harry Potter.  I do crazy spells in my dreams.  And I wake-up several times throughout the night in a sweat.  I've got to be working off a few extra calories in my sleep!  I'm hoping for a better night's sleep tonight! 

So last night at the movie, I had an odd thought:  What is the teenage pregnancy rate at Hogwarts? 

Yes, odd.  But, (and I don't want to ruin the movie for anyone) there was a lot of making out!!!