Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The unfinished test

Yesterday I took a proctored test for my Advanced Software Applications online course.  I scheduled the test at the Kluthe Center.  I knew from the content of the class that the test wouldn't be a breeze, but I never dreamt I'd run out of time!!! 

Yeah, 9 pages of instructions for advanced Word formatting and only 45 minutes.  When the proctor came in to tell me I had 5 minutes left, I still hadn't started the last 2 sections!!!  I skimmed them and did the best I could - but geez!  I've never run out of time on any test in my entire life.  This was one of the toughest exams and in my opinion - an unrealistic time limit. 

That's my gripe.  For future Lake Land Advanced Software Application students, do not take it online.  It is a ton of work that requires more self motivation than I have.  Take it on campus. 

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