Monday, July 13, 2009

Big Brother To Bee

Calvin has big news to share with the world!

"Big Brother To Bee"

Calvin is going to be a big brother!
He's so excited - possibly the most excited out of all!
I never knew he'd be so happy, supportive, and already love the baby so much. It's cute to see him this way.

We are almost 7 weeks pregnant with the baby that Calvin normally calls Baby Brother - although he insists that he doesn't care if it's a brother or a sister. If we even mention a name for the baby, he exclaims that it is PickleChips! That is his/her name for now. Can you tell Calvin came up with it all on his own???

Chris and I are thrilled about the baby. It's cute to see how husbands migrate from men to loving and caring fathers/helpers/protectors. Chris has been amazing thus far. I couldn't have wished for a better husband. Thank-you, babe!

On Friday, the baby had its very first photo shoot.
It's merely a 3mm speck right now.
But that's our gorgeous speck with a strong beating heart.
Next sonogram is scheduled for this Thursday and we're to expect better pictures.

I hope you check back often to read about our pregnancy and PickleChip's progression. :-)


Rebekah said...

Congrats! What great news on a Monday! so happy for you all!

Major Mom said...

Congratulations Christina! I knew it as soon as I saw the email!!! Good luck!

Tiffany P. said...

Congrats!! Calvin is going to be an awesome big brother! I imagine he'll be quite the protector.

Mrs R said...

Wow!!! Congrats!!!

Bridget said...

I know I already said Congrats, but I wanted to say it again! Congrats I am so happy for you guys!

Sarah B. said...

Congratulations...I am so happy for you all. We will keep little PickleChip in our prayers. :)
Love that he came up with that cute.

Sarah D said...

Congrats Chris and Christina!

A huge congrats to Calvin! I am sure he will be a great Big Bro to picklechip.

Billi said...

Yeah! We are so happy for you guys! Congrats!

Lindsay said...

omg Congratulations and i think picklechips sounds like a wonderful creative

karla said...

I have been waiting a week for you to share this BIG NEWS on your blog!
I am so excited about this grandbaby!! PickleChips is a awesome name, and only Calvin could of come up with this! Love to all of you!!


Mark said...

WOW!! Congratulation Christina. The girl I knew in Biloxi is about to have her second child. Awesome and how quick life changes. I'm really happy for you.

mylifeastina said...

YAY!! PickleChips!! Congratulations!! I look forward to the upcoming posts!

Wendy said...

I'm so happy for you guys and glad Calvin took it well. I can't wait till "PickleChips" and "Blueberry" get to meet each other :-)

Congrats, Congrats!!!!!!!!!!!

Tracie said...

Congratulations to you and your family Christina!!!