Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The 6 State Troopers That Sat In Taco Bell and Watched Me While Having Car Trouble

Today I got a craving for Taco Bell.  Calvin was gone to Meme's, so I decided to treat myself. 

Yesterday my battery light came on in my car.  I didn't think much of it til I was on my way to Taco Bell today and the Anti-Lock Brake light came on, too.  Then, I realized my AC wasn't working right.  Determined to get some Taco Bell before all hell broke loose, I drove on. 

I made it to Taco Bell.  Yay! 

I got through the drive-thru.  Yay! 

And just as it was almost my turn to pull out onto the busiest street in our town, my car died. 

I tried and tried to get it to start.  Only some funny clicking noise.  Ugh.  My cell phone that I thought was missing (long story) anyway, I found it in my purse but it was completely dead and the car charger doesn't work.  Super-ugh. 

So, I'm sitting in the Taco Bell parking lot near the entrance/exit to Keller drive.  My window is still down from going through the drive-thru.  I didn't want to leave my car with the window down and I hoped someone would stop to offer help.  Actually, I hoped that one of the 5 state troopers sitting inside Taco Bell would come out to help.  Yes, there were 5 State Cops inside Taco Bell having lunch!   

After what seemed like an eternity, but was probably more like 10 minutes, a nice gentleman stopped to let me borrow his phone.  I didn't know who to call - and my goal was to get someone there w/ a phone so I could call my husband (who was out of town) and figure things out.  I called Aunt Dawn.  Her and Amber would rescue me asap.  :-) 

While waiting for Dawn and Amber, a 6th state trooper pulled into Taco Bell.  He drove right past me sitting in distress in my hot car with my flashers on.  I watched out my window, hoping he'd come back to help - maybe to get the other 5 cops and push my car out of the conjested Taco Bell entrance. The only thing he did was place his order at the Taco Bell counter! 

Dawn and Amber arrived.  Thank-you! 

I got out of my car and started walking towards where they parked/towards Taco Bell.  All 6 troopers were sitting at the corner of Taco Bell facing me - all staring.  WTF?!?  I gave them a big giant wave and muttered words of them being a-holes for not helping.  I'm pretty sure they got my point! 

Everybody knows my Aunt Dawn.  She's a popular gal.  :-)  She and Amber started to push my car (I steered - remember, I'm prego).  It was seconds before a nice man stopped to help them push - of course he knew Dawn.  Then... what do ya know... those 6 state troopers that were previously too busy shoving Taco Bell in their faces... came out to help push.  Yeah, a couple of them knew Aunt Dawn - hence the help.   

I appreciated that they helped push me out of the way.  However, as state troopers, I expected a little more - how about sticking around to help when they saw us get the jumper cables out.  Nope.  There must have been a donut sale somewhere! 

If you can't tell, I'm annoyed with those cops. 

That's really my story from today - all true.  My car?  Well, it's fixed now after a new alternator from Poland's.  I do need to give Bill from Poland's a shout out for getting my car in so quickly.  I really appreciate it! 


Mrs R said...

Yeah the Johnny Law's of this world need to remember that their job is to SERVE and protect.

Wendy said...

WHY DIDN'T YOU CALL ME!! Sucks you had to deal w/ that. Cops can be so rediculous! You should have got out of your car stumbling like you were drunk, that would have got them jumpstarted ;-)

Lindsay said...

why do cops have to be so ignorant....thank god for wonderful family tho

Dawn said...

WOW! I would have been pissed. Did you ask them why bother now that you have help and why couldn't they help earlier when you were by your lonesome?

And that has got to be the worst place in all of E-ham to have car troubles.

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