Thursday, June 11, 2009

No Good Old Fashion Southern Hospitality

We're in Michigan - in the Detroit area.  Chris here on business.  Calvin and I along for the ride.  There are a few things I've noticed while I've been up here: 
  • There are great big, huge flags flying everywhere.  There's hardly a business without a flag flying high.  I don't know if this has anything to do with being so close to Canada.  But, it is pretty cool to see all the flags! 
  • City driving isn't that bad - infact, people actually know how to drive and the stop lights are all perfectly timed so you don't have to stop every few yards. 
  • Pizza Papalis is amazing.  If you're ever in Detroit, head to Greek Town for Pizza Papalis!  Order the chicago style deep dish.  You will not be disappointed! 
  • There is a major lack of customer service here.  I haven't met one sales clerk, sales associate, or even fast food worker that bothered to even fake a smile.  I'm really disappointed.  Don't I look like a girl that likes to over-shop and spend too much money???  C'mon people!  Sell me something - try to make a sale!  I'm not asking them to kiss my butt - but just for them to abide by customer service standards. 


Life with Kaishon said...

Get out. I always thought people in Michigan were nice. Maybe they are all sad because the auto industry is falling apart!

Musings of the Mrs. said...

I have been thinking about deep dish pizza all day. And now my stomach is growling. Sadly, I am not anywhere close to Michigan, so I will settle for a Zebra Cake.