Monday, June 22, 2009

Gift Giving Etiquette

I am grumpy, irrational, and extremely irritable.  So this post is to gripe about something... 

When someone tells you about a gift they either bought or received and you either
a.) don't have it,
b.) don't understand it, or
c.)  are jealous,
it is not okay to insult the other person.  It is rude and unacceptable behavior.  It is hurtful. 

For the future try the following: 
a.) shut-up. 
b.)  smile. 
c.)  say something to the affect of, "You must really love it!  I can tell you're excited!" or "We'll have to stop by sometime to check it out!"  or "That is a great idea!  I'm sure he/she loved it!!!" 
or - if you can't muster up any kind words --- don't say anything at all. 

The end of my daily gripe. 


Lindsay said...

aww im sorry...i hope that person understands that they hurt your feelings and Wendy needs to post what she is having cuse im getting anxious.. :)

Mrs R said...

Most people are just rude and inconsiderate. Hope you are doing well.

Dawn said...

I 4 1 cannot wait to see the finished living space next week! Might get anxious and stop by this week just cause...;-)

HH said...

Amen Sista! ! ! You have every right to be ticked. Don't let anyone P!ss on your parade. I for one love when people get gifts cause sometimes that means I get to go and enjoy someone elses gift....LOL....Keep your head up lady. I know things have been down for you here lately, but I want you to know that my family and I have you in our prayers.