Friday, June 12, 2009


Calvin will be the first to admit he's gassy.  He's a boy - I guess farting is what boys do.  We encourage him to fart only in the bathroom.  He's 3 - he doesn't always follow that rule. 

Calvin, "I'm dragging my fart to the bathroom." 
Me, "Okay, good job going to the bathroom to fart." 
Calvin, "I already farted!  I'm just dragging it to the bathroom!" 

Creative little boy! 


Major Mom said...

That's most awesome! We call it "tooting" in our house (their Grammy coined that phrase and it stuck with them). We'll drive past, say, a cattle feed lot and one of the boys will say "Mommy, it smells like toot!".

Dawn said...

It's not a boy thing. Daelyn farts a lot too.

Lindsay said...

that is too cute!

Mommynightowl said...

lol, that is too funny