Friday, June 12, 2009

Art and Energy Channelling

Only Chris and I would buy an oversized painting while on vacation with practically nowhere to put it in the car. We fit it in (barely) to get it back to Nick's house. By barely, I mean that it was in the back seat (too big for trunk) resting on the back dash, Calvin's heads, and the front seats. By the time we fit our luggage and all the other stuff I bought in the car, I'm really not sure there will be room for this painting. But we just had to have it. We'll figure something out. I guess it's a memory in the making. :-)

I talked to Dawn last night. She needs prayers and hugs. She has a good outlook on things and I admire that in her. But, she needs me...??? Or rather I need her to have problems right now so I can channel my energy in her direction. Next week marks the 1st anniversary of my Dad's death. I was coping well - or rather blocking it out until last night. I don't want to cry but the tears keep flowing down my cheeks. I feel overcome with emotions that I've kept bottled up for so long. I am a chicken. I don't want to face these feelings now. So, Dawn when I get back I'll be all over you like bread and butter. You'll be so sick of me. And I will be eternally grateful to you.

Anyone else have drama or problems that I can focus on next week? Mom, I already know your problem - and if they don't watch out they're going to see my own inner Karla come out and tell them what I really think. I don't think this next week would be an appropriate time to cross me. I will probably behave irrationally and say things that I'd never normally say. To say the least, I probably won't be very Doug-like.

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C said...

"Does anyone have any drama?"
Jeez! Have I got drama for you! lol
I'm starting to worry that my blog is waaaaay too heavy for public consumption!

Sorry you're having a rough time. I wish I could take you out for a steak night and get a SoCo and Diet Coke after. *hugs*