Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Where the heck did these come from???

Incase you've never met me - or haven't seen me in a couple years... let me remind you that I am a rather emotionless girl.  Okay, emotionless is a little harsh.  How about I'm not a mushy girl.  I don't sob easily.  Then tonight as I watched the last 33 minutes of American Idol, I got teary eyed... not once, but twice.  WTH?!? 

It stormed like all day today.  Lots and lots of rain.  Dreary day that gave me the opportunity to cuddle up on the couch with Calvin to watch movies and nap.  Following the spring shower came spring flowers.  My peonie bush blossomed!  I would post a picture but Dina doesn't want to cooperate with uploading pix.  Sorry. 


Bridget said...

Im so jealous you got a cuddle day! I wanted one so badly.

Mrs R said...

Oh napping in during a storm... what a great time that sounds like.

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