Monday, May 11, 2009

Not Me Monday

*** I got this from Mommy Nightowl who got this from My Charming Kids. Click here to play along. ***

I did not ace my Social Problems test last week. I did not study for it at all. I did not freak out about the final exam for Social Problems that I'll have tomorrow. I do not think I will do average this week.

I did not have a terrific weekend filled with family and women that are important in my life. Calvin's grandmothers did not like their flowers planted in the pots I did not paint. I did not go to TGI Friday's on Friday and my mother in law did not give me beautiful flowers.

I did not take a 3+ hour nap on Saturday. I did not go to Cracker Barrel Saturday night with Mom and family. I did not sneeze through the entire meal. I did not get on my brothers' asses for not having their share of the money for Mom's gift. I did not mentally swear I'd never go in on a gift with them again, for the 100th time. I did not see my precious nephew, Cooper and I most certainly did not smother him with kisses.

I did not have a fantastic Mother's Day. I did not get an extremely thoughtful gift and the wrapping paper was not decorated by Calvin. I did not get 2 personal cards. I did not get the breakfast of my choosing and my husband most certainly did not make it for me.

I did not stay home from a family get together because of my allergies. I was not ecstatic when Calvin got back home. Calvin did not take Tricia and I on a date to El Rancherito therefor I did not scarf down two steak quesadillas.

I did not go to today to order a dress for my mom's wedding, so there is no way that I ordered a few shirts for myself so it would be impossible for me to have ordered something to wear for Chris to make up for me spending money. That did not happen.

I hope you do not have a good week. I hope none of my friends win the lottery this week and that nobody gets any allergy relief. I do not want the sun to shine all week. I hope none of you college studends do well on your finals. AND, I do not want you to comment.

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Sarah D said...

Do you read My Charming Kids?

I am obsessed!!!