Sunday, May 17, 2009

Hotdogs + Vomit = Lysol + Bleach

I admit that when Calvin's been sick in the past, that I've always known it could be sooo much worse. I've always pampered him when he was sick, no matter how sick/not-so-sick he was. He had never actually thrown up. Ever. He'd coughed hard and thrown up in the past, but never like flu vomit. Never say never. Last night was a first.

At 2:14 A.M. Sunday morning I awoke to Calvin's screams from his bedroom. I was shocked to find he'd thrown up and had it all over his face, hair, shirt, and shorts (as well as every blanket and the rug). He was terrified. Not only did he hate that he was throwing up, but he hated that he was covered in it. A shower for Calvin, laundry started, and carpet cleaned and we went to sleep in my bed.

At some point while I was helping Calvin, I thought to myself: "This must be what it's like to be Dawn." At that moment I felt the worst for her ever. I have a new found respect for Dawn. I'm not sure I could clean up the puke like she does so often.

Today I fully sanitized the house. Tiffany came over - and quickly commented on the smell of bleach and lysol. Yes, we are trying to be germ free since he's sick. Bleach = clean to me.


Bridget said...

Poor Calvin, is he feeling better? I feel sorry for you to because cleaning up fun.

Christina said...

He's feeling 110% better. Thank goodness. He was back to his regular hunting self today.

Vomit sucks, but it's more tolerable when it's your own kid's. Other people's puke makes me gag!