Monday, May 4, 2009


Calvin spent most of Saturday playing with his buddy, Cole. We're next door neighbors and the boys are the same age - perfect, right? The two play so well together. Never any bickering or "he did this" or "he did that." They have the friendship that every parent wants their kids to have. And having Cole as a neighbor is practically like free daycare because Calvin is so busy playing that I can actually get my stuff done. It's perfect. :-)

So on Saturday they spent the day hunting, driving through our yards, and playing Easter Bunny.

Around dusk that night, Calvin came to the door and announced, "I'm going to the Army. I'll be back in 5 months. I was drafted."

Chris and I were practically cracking up because Calvin was being oh so very serious. We asked a series of questions and got several informative answers.

When I asked Calvin what his job was going to be in the Army, he proudly answered, "I'm going to shoot the deer and the bad guys!"

We're very proud of our little soldier (although I keep trying to convince him to be a USAF pilot and drop bombs on lots of bad guys at one time and make a great big explosion).
Tonight he told Grandma and Grandpa the news. They were a bit sad to hear he'd be gone for 5 months, but after being assured that the Army had good beds and deer meat, Grandma and Grandpa seemed a little bit more at ease. :-)
If only Grandma would send care packages to Calvin at our address! :-)


Wendy said...

How cute is my little nephew! He cracks me up everytime we see him. He is definately someone to be proud of.

They always say the apple doesn't fall far from the tree ;-)

Mommynightowl said...

awww, how cute!

I love the "shoot the deer and the bad guys" lol

Dawn said...

That totally cracks me up.