Monday, May 11, 2009

Always surprising me

First, I gotta thank Chris and Calvin for a wonderful Mother's Day.  You guys really know how to make me feel loved, wanted, and needed.  Thank-you. 

For a couple weeks I wondered what Chris got me for Mother's Day.  He said it wasn't on my list and that he knew I'd love it.  Hmmm... this got me thinking and wondering what in the heck he'd gotten me.  He even admitted that he went over the budget and that he had managed to purchase it without me knowing where he got it at.  How could he fool me???  I do all of the banking and am on our online banking site almost every day.  But, he did it.  I had no idea that the purchase from Effingham Builder's Supply was for my Mother's Day gift. 

Awhile back I told Chris that when we owned our own home I wanted a great big flag pole that would wave the American flag high and proud.  I hadn't completely forgotten about this, but had put it on the back burner.  He totally surprised me with a very nice flag pole and eagle for on top.  :-)  I cannot wait to get it up!  Better yet, our good friend Aaron is going to fly a flag over Afghanistan for us.  That makes it all the more patriotic. 

I hope all of you moms out there had a terrific Mother's Day.  You deserved to be pampered and recognized for all that you do.  :-) 


MrsRuholl said...

That sounds like a terrific gift! Glad you had a good mothers day.

Dawn said...

That is awesome. Wow.