Sunday, May 31, 2009

Odds 'n Ends

  • After spray painting all of our vents, we discovered that my nose hairs were white, too.  Nothing could get the paint off.  Finally, used Chris's nose hair trimmers.  I now have  no nose hairs.  
    • Since it's allergy season, I wondered if my allergies would be better or worse after losing the nose hairs.  Although there is nothing for pollen to get caught up on... there is also nothing to prevent me from sneezing!  It's bad! 
  • I've been enjoying Summer Break.  My online Summer classes start on the 8th.  
  • I made it on the Dean's List!  Yup, me - the 27 year old college girl going to the local community college made it on the Dean's List.  I really am so excited!  
  • We are taking a family trip to Michigan next week.  We have tons and tons of stuff we want to do up there.  Can't wait!  
  • Wendy is really starting to show.  She is so gosh darn cute pregnant!  
  • The Teutopolis Veteran's Memorial Dedication was a HUGE success!  I think it is safe to say that each individual there was incredibly proud of at least one name on the wall.   
  • While laying awake for almost 3 hours the other night, I came up with the best ideas.  Lots and lots of ideas for upcoming projects.  I am so creative in the middle of the night.  I'm sure Chris wishes I'd channel my creativeness in his direction.  ;-) 

Friday, May 29, 2009

$10 off at Victoria's Secret

Shop Victoria's Secret online or catalog orders in June
and receive $10.00 off any order
using this code at check out: SP917653.

This is just in time for Summer -
their swim suits are some of the best I've ever had.
Happy shopping.

Certificate Number: 524730254

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

A Yellow turned Gray Kind Of Day

I was having a yellow kind of day.  Positive outlook, cheery disposition, and a skip in my step.  It was so nice - and refreshing to feel so good.  No debbie downer attitude.  All smiles for me. 

One phone call changed my day.  I was reminded that there are stupid people.  The people that you cannot explain.  That I ran out of excuses for years ago.  The one that no matter how hard I've tried to get along with, this person just doesn't give a shit.

It got me down.  I bitched.  I yelled.  I cried. I hate crying.  It seems pointless to me, and yet I cried for so long. 

This reminded of a dream I had a couple nights ago:  I woke-up angry because I dreamt my Dad was mad at me for my behavior/attitude towards someone.  In my dream he didn't see both sides and avoided me because he didn't want to deal with it again.  He was disappointed.  

I was angry with him when I woke-up because I thought by now he'd get it - why I've been the way I've been for so long.  Why I distanced myself at times.  And I thought by now, in  Heaven, he'd know both sides of the stories and maybe realize that I wasn't always wrong.  That maybe he'd see that more often than not, I was the bigger person - not for myself, and sure as heck not for the other person, but rather for my Dad because I loved him and hated to see him upset. 

If you've followed my blog for long and have read some of my posts about my Dad, you know that I carry a lot of guilt.  Some of it I'm not sure I could have changed or even that it was my fault.  But, I wasn't perfect.  I disappointed him too often.  Not sure when or if I'll ever let it go. 

My yellow-kind of day turned gray and foggy after I was reminded of the stupidness in the world.  The non-sense kind of drama.  And the hurt some inflict on others. I was reminded that some people truly don't give a shit, they are selfish, and that at the end of the day I'll never see eye to eye with them. 

I'm hoping for better dreams tonight. 

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Tuesday Night's Surprise

Tuesday night I left the American Legion meeting wondering whether I should go home or to the hospital to entertain my Grandma while she was there with my Great-Grandma.  I decided to go home to call her first. 

I approached the driveway, pressed the garage door opener... 

The door opened...

And to my surprise Chris's car was sitting in the garage and he was waiting for me at the door. 

He returned 2 days early from his business trip! 

I was soooo excited to see him! 

And to make things better, he had a pitcher of strawberry daiquiries waiting for me inside.  We sat out on the deck and enjoyed our yumm-o drinks. 

I missed you!!!  :-) 

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Puppy Love

Calvin and Kole are the best of friends + neighbors. 
Both of them are 3 years old. 

Calvin has a puppy:  Snickers. 
Kole has a puppy:  Droopy. 
Snickers and Droopy are boys. 

Snickers got loose today. 
He wanted to "play" with Droopy. 
Let's just say they both "played." 
They frolicked like a young couple in a romance novel. 
Our dogs are in love - or atleast lust. 

Breakfast to go

Calvin was feeling 110% better Monday morning.  After keeping him inside on Sunday, he practically had cabin fever! 

Calvin reminded me he had a new job.  It's at Pilson's.  No, not the car dealership, well kind of - he doesn't do anything with the cars.  He hunts bear and deer and has an office (a.k.a. the swing set). 

I couldn't get him dressed fast enough.  He kept saying he was running late (like I'm always telling him).  So as he rushed out the door I reminded him he hadn't had breakfast.  He grabbed a banana to go. 

Away he drove, out of the garage in his Gator with a banana in hand. 

I wonder how soon it will be before he asks for coffee for his morning commute.  ;-) 

Later, he requested lunch to be delivered to his work.  He said he had too many bear to shoot to be able to come home for lunch.  Like a good mom/delivery girl, I delivered his sandwich to the deck (a.k.a. work table). 

I love my hard little worker.  I am so proud of the work he does from our backyard.  I've never met anyone that was more excited about their job! 

Monday, May 18, 2009

Britney Spears provides temporary relief to 3 year old's boo-boo

Calvin fell on the sidewalk outside of Midwest Office Supplies this morning. It was tragic. His elbow was scraped up. The wailing was almost unbearable. That is until Britney Spears' Womanizer came on the radio. The tears practically dried up as he sang "Womanizer, womanizer, oh you're a womanizer..." Unfortunately as I turned off the car in the garage, thus turning off the song, the tears started flowing again paired with loud cries.

He's okay now. Neosporin, bang-bangs (band-aids), and a call to Chris and he was feeling much better.

Thank-you Britney Spears for your motherly help today. :-)

Love Is In The Air

I am very excited to announce the engagement
of my sister-in-law, Elizabeth
to her prince charming, Bill.

I cannot dream of a more perfect couple.
Their happiness is contagious.

We look forward to Bill officially being in the family!


Sunday, May 17, 2009

Hotdogs + Vomit = Lysol + Bleach

I admit that when Calvin's been sick in the past, that I've always known it could be sooo much worse. I've always pampered him when he was sick, no matter how sick/not-so-sick he was. He had never actually thrown up. Ever. He'd coughed hard and thrown up in the past, but never like flu vomit. Never say never. Last night was a first.

At 2:14 A.M. Sunday morning I awoke to Calvin's screams from his bedroom. I was shocked to find he'd thrown up and had it all over his face, hair, shirt, and shorts (as well as every blanket and the rug). He was terrified. Not only did he hate that he was throwing up, but he hated that he was covered in it. A shower for Calvin, laundry started, and carpet cleaned and we went to sleep in my bed.

At some point while I was helping Calvin, I thought to myself: "This must be what it's like to be Dawn." At that moment I felt the worst for her ever. I have a new found respect for Dawn. I'm not sure I could clean up the puke like she does so often.

Today I fully sanitized the house. Tiffany came over - and quickly commented on the smell of bleach and lysol. Yes, we are trying to be germ free since he's sick. Bleach = clean to me.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Contrary to popular belief...

Contrary to popular belief a 5'2", 104 lb. woman can wear a 34D bra.

You bring up a valid question - are they real? I am proud to say that they are very real, unpurchased, just a blessing from the good ole gene pool. Thanks, Mom!

For about 3 years now my bras haven't fit well. The girls have been falling out of my 34C bras. I kept telling myself that when I lost a little weight or at least got toned that they would shrink to perfectly fit in my bras. After I lost 10 lbs they were still too big for my bras. I went to Victoria's Secret twice for fittings. The kind lady gave me a 34D to try on and it fit like a dream. I was convinced it was a special bra, made a bit small for its size - and that Victoria's Secret had some kind of conspiracy to make their bras smaller so we'd all have to go out to buy new ones. Or better yet, to make the AA's feel perky in B cups. ;-)

I even went to Kohls this week to try on bras. Not one 34C fit. Was Kohls in on the VS conspiracy???

No. I was wrong. I really am a 34D.

I actually measured myself today by the VS standards and I measure up a full 34D. My new, much needed bras will be arriving next week. I just hope they fit.

P.S. VS is having a semi annual sale. I got FANTASTIC deals on my new boulder holders. :-)

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Mani's and Pedi's

I received a pamphlet in the mail from my friend Melissa.  She recently became a licensed nail technician.  She provides full nail services at Bladez Salon.

Here are a few of her services/prices: 
Acrylic nails and/or toenails:  prices range up to $35
Express Manicure:  $12
Manicure:  $18
Spa Manicure:  $25
Anti-Aging Manicure with non-surgical hand lift treatment:  $30 - $35
Express Pedicure:  $25
Spa Pedicure:  $35
Ant-Aging Pedicure:  $40
Couples pedicure:  $60
Manicure & Spa Pedicure together:  $45

Specials through June 12th: 
Spa Pedicure only $25

   - add a manicure for only $10
Full set of acrylic nails for only $25
Acrylic toenails only $20 

At prices like these how can you afford not to get mani's and pedi's???  :-) 

Call Bladez Salon at 217.342.HAIR to schedule your appointment with Melissa today! 

Bridget, any chance I can get a comprably priced mani this week?  ;-) 

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Where the heck did these come from???

Incase you've never met me - or haven't seen me in a couple years... let me remind you that I am a rather emotionless girl.  Okay, emotionless is a little harsh.  How about I'm not a mushy girl.  I don't sob easily.  Then tonight as I watched the last 33 minutes of American Idol, I got teary eyed... not once, but twice.  WTH?!? 

It stormed like all day today.  Lots and lots of rain.  Dreary day that gave me the opportunity to cuddle up on the couch with Calvin to watch movies and nap.  Following the spring shower came spring flowers.  My peonie bush blossomed!  I would post a picture but Dina doesn't want to cooperate with uploading pix.  Sorry. 

Monday, May 11, 2009

Not Me Monday

*** I got this from Mommy Nightowl who got this from My Charming Kids. Click here to play along. ***

I did not ace my Social Problems test last week. I did not study for it at all. I did not freak out about the final exam for Social Problems that I'll have tomorrow. I do not think I will do average this week.

I did not have a terrific weekend filled with family and women that are important in my life. Calvin's grandmothers did not like their flowers planted in the pots I did not paint. I did not go to TGI Friday's on Friday and my mother in law did not give me beautiful flowers.

I did not take a 3+ hour nap on Saturday. I did not go to Cracker Barrel Saturday night with Mom and family. I did not sneeze through the entire meal. I did not get on my brothers' asses for not having their share of the money for Mom's gift. I did not mentally swear I'd never go in on a gift with them again, for the 100th time. I did not see my precious nephew, Cooper and I most certainly did not smother him with kisses.

I did not have a fantastic Mother's Day. I did not get an extremely thoughtful gift and the wrapping paper was not decorated by Calvin. I did not get 2 personal cards. I did not get the breakfast of my choosing and my husband most certainly did not make it for me.

I did not stay home from a family get together because of my allergies. I was not ecstatic when Calvin got back home. Calvin did not take Tricia and I on a date to El Rancherito therefor I did not scarf down two steak quesadillas.

I did not go to today to order a dress for my mom's wedding, so there is no way that I ordered a few shirts for myself so it would be impossible for me to have ordered something to wear for Chris to make up for me spending money. That did not happen.

I hope you do not have a good week. I hope none of my friends win the lottery this week and that nobody gets any allergy relief. I do not want the sun to shine all week. I hope none of you college studends do well on your finals. AND, I do not want you to comment.

Always surprising me

First, I gotta thank Chris and Calvin for a wonderful Mother's Day.  You guys really know how to make me feel loved, wanted, and needed.  Thank-you. 

For a couple weeks I wondered what Chris got me for Mother's Day.  He said it wasn't on my list and that he knew I'd love it.  Hmmm... this got me thinking and wondering what in the heck he'd gotten me.  He even admitted that he went over the budget and that he had managed to purchase it without me knowing where he got it at.  How could he fool me???  I do all of the banking and am on our online banking site almost every day.  But, he did it.  I had no idea that the purchase from Effingham Builder's Supply was for my Mother's Day gift. 

Awhile back I told Chris that when we owned our own home I wanted a great big flag pole that would wave the American flag high and proud.  I hadn't completely forgotten about this, but had put it on the back burner.  He totally surprised me with a very nice flag pole and eagle for on top.  :-)  I cannot wait to get it up!  Better yet, our good friend Aaron is going to fly a flag over Afghanistan for us.  That makes it all the more patriotic. 

I hope all of you moms out there had a terrific Mother's Day.  You deserved to be pampered and recognized for all that you do.  :-) 

Friday, May 8, 2009


It has been publically announced on CNNBC.  I am the 2009 Mother of the year!  :-) 
Click HERE to watch the video!!! 

I gotta thank my B-I-L, Cole for this!  You totally made me smile... even if this isn't completely legit. 

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Cheater Cheater Pumpkin Eater!

Blogging Away just posted a link to this other blog post at That Girl Emily, a random blog she came across.  I clicked over to it and was totally cracking up!  Carolyn, this will make you laugh!  If you've ever been cheated on, this woman did all of the mean things you really wanted to do.  Enjoy. 

"Day 14. This is the grand finale. I really want to stick it to Steven one last time. And I wanted to make sure he was going to have plenty of time to contemplate what has happened to him and why.

And he’ll have the time while on hold, waiting for countless automated services and operators… See, the first thing I did was cancel all his credit cards by calling in and saying they were stolen. Same with his cell phone. Same with his online DVD membership. Same with his gym membership. I went online and changed the password to our bank account and changed the pin number to our ATM cards. I canceled Steven’s car insurance and reported his car stolen. I put an ad in a newspaper with Steven’s work phone, saying he had a fabulous 750 square foot studio apartment in Soho available for a steal--$300/month and to call him 24/7—can only imagine the message overflow! I made sure the post office will now forward all of Steve’s mail to an old folk’s home. And I signed him up for dozens of magazine subscriptions, such as “Guns and Ammo,” “Girls and Corpses,” “Creative Knitting” and “Boy’s Life,” to be sent to his office and I checked the “bill me later” box.These past 14 days, I’ve done everything to make Steven’s life a living hell. It’s definitely been cathartic but I also realize I haven’t had much time to simply work all of this out in my own mind. To really absorb what’s happened to me. So I’m sure I’ll still be sad sometimes. But at least I’ll know I never took it sitting down."


"I’m signing off for now… but one final word: next time you’re tempted to cheat, think once, twice or however many times it takes – and if you need to, think of that girl Emily."

Monday, May 4, 2009


Calvin spent most of Saturday playing with his buddy, Cole. We're next door neighbors and the boys are the same age - perfect, right? The two play so well together. Never any bickering or "he did this" or "he did that." They have the friendship that every parent wants their kids to have. And having Cole as a neighbor is practically like free daycare because Calvin is so busy playing that I can actually get my stuff done. It's perfect. :-)

So on Saturday they spent the day hunting, driving through our yards, and playing Easter Bunny.

Around dusk that night, Calvin came to the door and announced, "I'm going to the Army. I'll be back in 5 months. I was drafted."

Chris and I were practically cracking up because Calvin was being oh so very serious. We asked a series of questions and got several informative answers.

When I asked Calvin what his job was going to be in the Army, he proudly answered, "I'm going to shoot the deer and the bad guys!"

We're very proud of our little soldier (although I keep trying to convince him to be a USAF pilot and drop bombs on lots of bad guys at one time and make a great big explosion).
Tonight he told Grandma and Grandpa the news. They were a bit sad to hear he'd be gone for 5 months, but after being assured that the Army had good beds and deer meat, Grandma and Grandpa seemed a little bit more at ease. :-)
If only Grandma would send care packages to Calvin at our address! :-)

Friday, May 1, 2009

Zig Painty

I just finished a little art project using Zig Painty markers for the first time. I gotta tell ya, these things rock! I used them on top of ceramic, and the project turned out flawless. The paint dries quickly, and the marker tips give you great precision. You can use them on practically anything, they're oil-based, permanent, waterproof, and opaque. Did I mention they come in lots of colors? I am very impressed!

If you're wondering where to get them, try your local craft store. I got mine at Daisy Lane Craft Mall in Mattoon.