Saturday, April 18, 2009

Spa Pedicure Giveaway!!! Shhh... Don't Tell Anyone! I Want To Win!

Bridget is having her first ever giveaway on her blog.  I'm not sure where in the world she ever got the idea from... it's not like she has a long time client/old friend/fellow blogger that just begged her via a blog post.  ;-)  Seriously, if you live in the Effingham area head over to Always An Adventure to enter to win a spa pedicure at The French Quarter Salon And Day Spa.  :-) 


Bridget said...

How did I know you would be my first commenter.

Bridget said...

Okay, Gretchen seems to think the black background and blue writing on my blog seems to burn her retnas....would it be hard to just change the colors but keep the same background and stuff. I love the way it is so I dont want to change it.