Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Raining Snot

I am sick. 
I started feeling crappy last Wednesday - the night of the move. 
Thought I was just tired. 
By Thursday night after swim lessons, I was really feeling sick. 
There was a large white spot on my left tonsil.  A doc told me before that I get food on my tonsils and gave me a tool to scrape it off.  Well, Thursday night when I scraped it off, it filled back up imediately.  I put some pressure on my left tonsil and out popped a great big chunk of something - rock hard!  Yes, I know this is oh so very disgusting. 
Since then, my throat has been very sore - and rightfully so, I was poking around in there! 
Now, my sinuses are full. 
Blowing my nose repeatedly has become natural. 

I feel like ass. 
Okay, yesterday I felt like ass.  Today I'm feeling a little better. 
Being sick really sucks! 
Our house isn't nearly unpacked - and mostly my fault for being sick since we moved in. 
To give you an idea of how sick I feel, I haven't felt well enough to shop for and Easter outfit for myself! 
Yes!  Too sick to shop! 

Oh, did I mention that Calvin's nose is just as runny and now Chris has cold symptoms? 
Yeah, this sucks! 


Anonymous said...

Good God. Too sick to shop? That IS serious. Someone get this girl an ambulance!

Major Mom said...

Sorry to hear about your rainstorm of snot -- hopefully you're improved now!

For 87 days I couldn't look at blog pages and suddenly they appeared! I could read the text on Google Reader, but couldn't see pictures or leave comments! I'm so glad I can leave comments to you again! I enjoyed all the comments you left me over the months....

Dawn said...

Can I just mention that you sounded horrid too?
Hope you are better tonight!